April 21, 2021

Lindsey Vonn, the ski queen, says goodbye with a bronze World | sports

Lindsey Vonn, the ski queen, says goodbye with a bronze World | sports

In Are, Sweden, Lindsey Vonn won her first medals. It was in 2007. Today, 12 years later, in her last race, the 34-year-old American, the ski queen, has hung a bronze in the World Cup downhill. The best way to say goodbye to the sport that has spoiled her but also mistreated her in the form of injuries during 19 seasons. A sport, alpine skiing, which she helped to make more media. The injuries and the calvary that has meant to leave them, have forced her to say enough. Five days ago he announced his retirement.

He said that the descent this Sunday would be his last race. A race in which she has won 82 victories in the World Cup -not any skier has won so much- that leaves her three to match the Ingemar Stenmark myth: a race in which she has lifted 16 World Cups and that has led her to get on the podium 138 times. Only the innumerable injuries that asphyxiated her have prevented that record from being even more bulky. Stenmark, by the way, was on the track this Sunday to see Lindsey Vonn. Eurosport joined the two after the descent. "I have not been more nervous in my life … I knew Ingemar [que hoy tiene 62 años] it was here. I did not fall, that was the goal, "Vonn explained." Balancing the sensations of body and head was the most complicated today, I could not risk too much, "the skier added on her farewell day to the courts. five days ago.

Lindsey Vonn talks with the myth of skiing Ingemar Stenmark (82 for 86 victories in the World Cup).
Lindsey Vonn talks with the myth of skiing Ingemar Stenmark (82 for 86 victories in the World Cup). REUTERS

"The reason why I have decided to retire is because I can not ski anymore as I want. Maybe I can get something more in these World Cups, in my last races, but to train and run consistently, my knees are not capable of handling as they should. In the spring I had surgery to repair the damaged cartilage in my right knee and then I had the injury in the lateral collateral ligament on the left where I used two prostheses, so I can not train. I can hardly do anything on the mountain. It's a tough decision, but I think it's the smartest for the future, "explained the American. "My body screams at me to stop and it's time for me to listen to him," he said in his farewell letter.

In 2015 he was asked in an interview in this newspaper how he handles pain. It was after the serious injury he suffered in 2013 after breaking the crusader in his right knee. He went through the operating room twice and lost an Olympic year. He attended the Games as a commentator. "Pain is a distraction and you have to block it. I'm very good at that. It's like the people who are on the way out. There is always something that can distract you, "he replied. Four years later it has been impossible to keep blocking him, basically because it prevents him from being able to train.

Vonn, who grew up admiring Picabo Street, the American braids and freckles who fell in love with the world ski circuit in the Nineties for her charisma and madnessShe said that as a child she was thin and uncoordinated. "I was not very athletic, I was very clumsy. I tripped over everything. I grew up in Minnesota and I loved skiing. I tried other sports, but it was not good. I was a really happy skinny girl, "he confessed in El País.

A few days ago, Are asked in AP what their next goal will be. "Conquer the world," he replied. In that answer is the essence and the charisma of Vonn that his own YouTube channel premiered a couple of months ago. "I will not be sitting on the couch, moving my thumbs. It would be boring. It's about pushing myself, "he told AP. He spoke of creating his own business, which has not yet revealed details. "I hope someday they will say: Lindsey is fine, she was a skier a long time ago, and now she is a successful business woman."

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