December 3, 2020

limit entrances and exits to the entire community and close bars and restaurants to stop contagion

The president of Navarra, María Chivite, announced this Tuesday that a perimeter confinement of the entire Autonomous Community comes into force this Thursday due to the high number of coronavirus infections registered in recent weeks, exceeding an accumulated incidence of 900 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. During the next 15 days you will not be able to enter or leave Navarra except for reasons of force majeure. It is not the only measure that the president has announced to stop the spread of the virus, the entire hotel industry is also closed for the same period of time and meetings are limited to people living together.

Euskadi on perimeter confinements: "It is a measure that you have to show to be useful.  I have not seen an evaluation made by someone serious"

Euskadi on perimeter confinements: “It is a measure that has to be shown to be useful. I have not seen an evaluation made by someone serious”

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In this way, Navarra becomes the first community with a perimeter fence. Before, cities such as Madrid, León or Palencia have been confined, but an entire community had never been closed since the state of alarm. What is not restricted is internal mobility, that is, an inhabitant of Pamplona may travel to Tudela or Tafalla, but never leave Navarra. In addition, meetings are limited to cohabitating people and the closing of retail stores, hypermarkets, large stores is anticipated at 9:00 p.m.

“We do not deny that the situation in Navarra is worrying and we do not want to reach a situation in which the health system is committed to only treating COVID patients,” said the president of Navarra, who has indicated that the measures of the provincial community “They are the toughest in the whole of Spain.”

This announcement comes only 8 days after María Chivite herself announced a package of measures restrictive capacity of social gatherings and the hotel industry, which have not had an immediate effect on the figures of daily infections, which in recent days have reached their maximum peak and this very Tuesday 17% positivity has been reached. In recent days, hospital pressure has also increased, reaching 29% occupancy in the ICU. All of them very high indicators that have led the Chivite Executive to approve restrictions on mobility and the closure of the hotel business. This afternoon the president and the Minister of Health, Santos Idurain, met urgently, to assess the situation and decree the new restrictions.

As advanced, for a few days the provincial government had been working on a legal formula that allows apply a perimeter closure to the capital or the entire territory without resorting to the state of alarm. The “legal framework” has been designed for days when it is necessary to apply it, as already approved before with some limitations already applied in areas such as Peralta, Carcastillo or Cadreita. The Regional Executive considered that the restrictions announced last week that limited the capacity in the hospitality industry to 30% indoors and 50% on the terraces would be enough to stop the contagion curve, but since the increase in cases has not continued. They wanted to wait 14 days to evaluate the effect of them and it was decided to apply even harder ones.


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