July 11, 2020

Lim throws Marcelino. Reasons and chronology of an announced dismissal

In Valencia there are three stages since the arrival of Peter Lim The first goes from the October 24, 2014, when the Singaporean billionaire buys the club che for 94 million euros, until the arrival of Mateu Alemany, In March 2017 as General Director of Valencia.

The second, the most successful sportingly speaking, started with that hiring and, ironically, ended at the end of last season, when the club won the Copa del Rey to Barcelona and managed to qualify for Champions

In this third stage, just as it happened with the first years in the club, Peter Lim has decided that he wants to return to make sports decisions Important in the club. That sports success has not come with its management, but with its money, and that he has the right to decide the future of Valencia. That power was bought by the magnate five years ago for 94 million

After the preseason game against Sporting Lisbon, Dani Parejo, Valencian captain, made public the instability of the club:

«In the countryside, every day better …». The phrase was directly directed towards Peter Lim and his idea of ​​meddling in the binomial Alemany-Marcelino with which the players were delighted.

The friction since the end of the season had been constant, and the situation has ended with the Spaniard out of the bench and the arrival of Albert Celades to Valencia. Germany, which last week received an offer from a First Division club, He has not yet made statements about his future.

-With Diakhaby everything exploded:

An offer came to Mestalla for the defense that Alemany did not consider it enough and Lim wanted to accept to bring Nabil Fekir and Otamendi to Mestalla.

Neither of these two players were within the sports project of Germany, and neither were the coach's taste. From the sports direction the objective was Rafinha and Laguardia. The Brazilian from Barcelona, ​​now assigned to Celta, came to have an agreement with Alemany, but the club owner paralyzed the signing, putting the medical history as an excuse.

– Alemany more outside than inside:

The situation was borderline, and seemed irreconcilable. Anil Murphy, club president and Lim's trusted man, made an express trip from Singapore that was interpreted as the act prior to the dismissal of the Director General. However, the squad and coach defended Alemany who remained in office.

– Calm that explodes with Rodrigo:

The season began, with a painful draw in Mestalla before the Royal Society. After a good game, the che gave in the 100th minute after a penalty for hands on a barrier. The team had excited, Gameiro had a maximum penalty to put the 2-0 in 94 and leave Valencia leader, but that same week the Rodrigo case exploded.

One of the props of the team was going to go by 60 Million to a direct rival like Atlético de Madrid. Mid-week, with the season started and without any prior notice. Alemany was already working on the arrival of a substitute, there was talk of Thauvin or Mariano, but finally everything was nothing. Atletico had no money and did not take the player, but he did left a climate of lack of control in Paterna It's over today.

Marcelino is no longer Valencia coach. With him his entire coaching staff will leave and we'll see if Alemany. The team that, with Celades on the bench, will play at the Camp Nou against Barcelona this Saturday at 9:00 p.m.

So is Valencia right now. Than still in the Peter Lim era, but not in Marcellin's anymore.

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