July 26, 2021

«Like a dog in an open field»: Don’t be … and exist ★★★ ✩✩

Author: Clàudia Cedó. Director: Sergi Belbel. Interpreters: Anna Barrachina, Queralt Casasayas, Vicky Luengo, David Menéndez, Xavi Ricart and Maria Rodríguez. Valle-Inclán Theater (Francisco Nieva Room), Madrid. Until February 16.

Not surprisingly, once seen the assembly, the success he had obtained in Barcelona “Like a dog in a field” before his recent premiere in Madrid. And that to take today as the central issue of a work the loss of a child before birth due to complications in pregnancy is not a precisely minor challenge: there are more chances that the thing will end up being disproportionate, effective and outdated melodrama that in the calm, beautiful and sincere function that Sergi Belbel has directed. Probably, that truth that oozes the proposal has a lot to do with the fact that Clàudia Cedó has written the text throwing up her own personal experience after going through, in real life, the same trance as the protagonist.

However, no matter how much we strive to affirm that good theater always reflects our existence, it is never a genuine tracing of it: it is not enough to live so that this experience, however extraordinary, becomes a work of art. To achieve this you have to handle more variables and more elements. Aware of this, Cedó has not limited himself to signing a reliable chronicle of his sufferings, but has tried to extrapolate them, transcending the particular, to a more complex and universal reflection about what it means to give and have life, and about emotional and ethical implications – inevitably linked both – that it has.

Taking as a starting point a young girl, Julia, in mourning for the loss of her son shortly before birth, the author uses the resource of unfolding her protagonist – well played by Vicky Luengo and Maria Rodríguez – to raise a character dialogue

with himself that allows him to identify and tame the germ of his pain. From this dialogue, in a dreamlike flashback that combines the representation of events prior to childbirth with the thoughts of Julia herself – degraded these with poetic skill -, a function is structured that Belbel, with intelligence and trade, simultaneously combining and annexing scenes , and drawing analogies with the scenic language between the plots and the characters, has endowed with an overwhelming agility that very well conceals that slight statism in the text at the time of making the main action evolve.


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