January 22, 2021

Lights (Victoriano, Ortega, Garzón …) and shadows (Madrid and Seville) of the bullfighting 2020 | Blog The bull, by the horns

Yes, yes, that farmer who on August 24, 2018 said at the Bilbao Cocherito Club that “I had to remove cows for excess of bravery; They have not served me well for the type of bull that I am looking for because of their excess of bravery ”…; that famous breeder named Victoriano del Río, a reference to the modern and commercial bull, demanded by the figures, fought a bullfight on September 18 in Nimes and left the bullfighters of the cartel with two spans of noses, and everyone was speechless , before the avalanche of caste and mobility of the six opponents.

What things are … It is not known if Don Victoriano was one of those surprised that afternoon; But, one of two, either had a mistake and some ‘brave’ cows slipped into the tentadero, or some handsome neighbor stallion jumped over the fence on a full moon night, got along with playful young women and the fruit of that fleeting love was a A gift for Enrique Ponce, Emilio de de Justo and Curro Díaz, who were the ones who wore lights that French afternoon.

Juan Ortega (Seville, 1990), a bullfighter who took the alternative in September 2014, has tried not to lose his way or his courage in the journey through a long desert, and has reached an oasis that can provide him with the glory he dreamed of. Preceded by flashes of light from his good bullfighting, on August 30, in Linares, in front of a noble bull from Parladé, he drew his particular vision of the beauty of bullfighting, and became the surprise of the year, which he would later confirm at the fair from Jaén and Córdoba.

Ortega has been the revelation and faces 2021 with all the guarantees if luck accompanies him and those who send it in the sewers of bullfighting allow it.

Juan Ortega, one of the protagonists of 2021, if luck accompanies him and they allow it

José María Garzón (Seville, 1972) is a daring, seasoned, courageous and innovative bullfighting businessman. He is not the only one, but he has been the most outstanding in the past season. It deserves respect and recognition because it has shown that the impossible is what is not attempted.

On August 6, he organized an interesting bullfight in the Plaza de El Puerto (Ponce, Morante and Aguado, with bulls by Juan Pedro Domecq). The celebration was controversial, criticism rained down on him (the harshest from his own colleagues, those who were hidden, cowed, and with their squares closed), he defended himself with reasonable arguments, and he did not give up.

Two months later, he held a hand in hand between Morante and Juan Ortega in the Plaza de Córdoba, and the fans welcomed him as a great.

Victoriano del Río, Juan Ortega and José María Garzón have stood out in this anomalous bullfighting year. But they have not been the only ones.

Others who deserve to enjoy the podium of the best are the breeders Santiago Domecq, Zalduendo, La Quinta and Miura; businessmen Alberto García, Carlos Pereda and Oscar Polo from Huelva, Manuel Martínez Erice, Jorge Arellano and Carlos Zúñiga, among others; and bullfighters such as Morante de la Puebla, Daniel Luque, Finito de Córdoba, Morenito de Aranda, Gómez del Pilar, Octavio Chacón, Rubén Pinar and, especially, Antonio Ferrera, who starred in a glorious day on October 24 in Badajoz, when he was locked up with six bulls from Zalduendo, very serious and rough, with which he offered a masterful lesson in bullfighting heterodoxy.

La Maestranza, closed, in the middle of a pandemic.
La Maestranza, closed, in the middle of a pandemic. Europa Press

What a shame that this great bullfighter is such a peculiar person and resists telling his bullfighting outside the arena…!

Long and brilliant is the section of the silver bullfighters who have triumphed this year. At the risk of being forgotten there are the names of the banderilleros Juan José Trujillo, Lipi, Jesús Arruga, Juan Contreras, José Núñez Pilo, Antonio Chacón, Perico, Víctor Saugar Pirri, Candelas, Agustín de Espartinas, Curro Javier, Fernando Sánchez, Javier Ambel, Raúl Caricol, José Chacón, Miguel Murillo, Montoliú, Raúl Ruiz, Alberto Carrero, Vicente Herrera, Javier Valdeoro …

These were some of the highlights of the grim first season of the pandemic.

And the shadows?

They have not been few, certainly. But between the harassment and constant hostility of the Government, and the desperate passivity of the sector (with the exception of the effective and naive work of the Toro del Lidia Foundation and the attempt to improve the Reconstruction Tour) stand out, above all, the attitude of two important bullfighting companies: Plaza1 and Pagés, led by Rafael García Garrido and Simón Casas, the first, and Ramón Valencia, the other, who are in charge of Las Ventas and La Maestranza, respectively.

Bad year has chosen Culture to reward the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla

The two squares have been closed throughout the year 2020. Those responsible for the Madrid have offered arguments of all kinds to justify their decision; Valencia has taken advantage of the limitations imposed by the Junta de Andalucía.

Neither one of them has lived up to the circumstances or the responsibility they incurred as entrepreneurs in the two most important areas of the country.

Neither have the Community of Madrid nor the Real Maestranza de Caballería, owners of the squares, been.

What was the problem? The 2,800,000 euro canon that Plaza1 must pay to the Community per season and that, is supposed, comes into effect as soon as the doors open? The 22 percent canon of the box office billing that the Real Maestranza charges for each celebration?

It is not known why neither entrepreneurs nor owners have opened their mouths, but there must be something of it. Was it so difficult to tell society what happened?

Anyway, Las Ventas and La Maestranza have been able to celebrate celebrations and they have not. There were times when a capacity of 75 percent was allowed in the Community of Madrid, and 50 in Andalusia. The numbers may not turn out if all parties do not agree to a sacrifice for the benefit of the party. And they have not agreed, of course. Neither the Madrid government nor the Real Maestranza lifted a finger to make it so.

And the businessmen have sinned of cowardice and lack of transparency, once again.

It is not known, therefore, why Madrid and Seville have not opened at some point of the year, when it was essential that this should happen because both are the flag of bullfighting and references for the bullfighting world.

Again, the obscurantism of all to the detriment of the party. Again, cowardice.

By the way, the Ministry of Culture has chosen a bad year to award the Medal of Merit in Fine Arts to the Real Maestranza in Seville. He has more than enough merits for that accolade and others, but not when he hasn’t stepped up (that is known, at least) to bring oxygen to the party in such a dramatic season.

And Madrid? Many blows from the president Isabel Díaz Ayuso, but bread, a little, like all the autonomic leaders (bullfighting).

Some honorable and brilliant lights for the pride of all, and others, very sad, for the rejection and condemnation.

With friends like those from Madrid and Seville (businessmen and institutions), what does bullfighting want enemies for?


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