Lights and shadows of Ramos

Lights and shadows of Ramos

Sergio Ramos is the captain of Real Madrid and that condition is assumed with distinction and the responsibility that involves representing the team in the field and also in what happens far from the turf. That's why he went to Melilla on Wednesday to play the first part of the Cup match, to show everyone, both fans and teammates, that they had to face each other in difficult moments.

The center knows that it has a specific weight within the club, both to be responsible for the unity of the dressing room and help lead it to three consecutive Champions, as well as to go to the mixed zone of the Camp Nou to speak with the media and, with the security that Lopetegui was going to be fired in a few hours and was looking for a new coach, send the message that the hard hand was not going to be well received in the locker room.

On Saturday, when he went to shoot the penalty, part of the step requested Vinicius. There is such an expectation with the young Brazilian that, after the goal that opened the score, many wanted to have the party complete with the rookie.

But Ramos did not change his mind. He is in charge of releasing the maximum penalties and after him, there is Benzema. That is respected within the wardrobe. When he scored, Sergio celebrated it with anger and with rebellious gestures. «It was pride and dignity. I've been here for many years. You have to always have the utmost respect, I wanted to dedicate it to my brother, who is sick in bed ». Yesterday, the website of Real Madrid highlighted the news that the defender is being infallible this season from the eleven meters. He has thrown four penalties and all four has scored.

Everything that Ramos generates outside the field sometimes makes us lose sight of what goes on inside. There the center is having more problems, like the rest of the team's defenses. Varane is not anything fine and between injuries and mistakes, is having a season to forget; Nacho is struggling to settle in a fixed position in the defense and shows more doubts than other times. Also, Casemiro is not living his best moments in front of the defense and that makes the whiteguard feel much more insecure.

Among all of them, Sergio Ramos is not even in his best form yet. In recent seasons, the Madrid defender has shown that he is a long-distance player and that his best version usually comes when the season reaches its final stretch. Before, as this campaign is happening, Ramos mixes successes, but also mistrust.


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