Lights and shadows of Mani Thawani, the golden canary thanks to Bitcoin

Lights and shadows of Mani Thawani, the golden canary thanks to Bitcoin

Mani Thawani, in a photograph of his social networks. / mt twitter

Founder of Mundo Crypto, and that this Saturday will bring together some 7,000 people at the WiZink Center in Madrid in an event on cryptocurrencies, is under the scrutiny of the CNMV

Kevin Fontecha

KEVIN FONTECHA The Gran Canarian palms

This Saturday, at the WiZink Center in Madrid, a massive event is held in which more than two million euros have been invested. An act where
Mani Thawanithe canary that made gold with Bitcoin and who founded Mundo Crypto, hopes to beat all the numbers in attendance at
a cryptocurrency event: Metaverse day.

To attend the event, which was advertised as free, you had to
leave a deposit of 50 euros, of which 47 would be returned to the attendees (maximum period of seven days), while the people who finally did not attend the event would not see the money back. It should be noted that the organization did not skimp on a large poster for the occasion, since it had luxury presenters such as
Jorge Fernandez or Cristina Pedrochewho finally declined the proposal due to the shadows cast by Thawani and Mundo Crypto.

Shadows that are indicated and persecuted by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). In fact, its attempt to grow in Spain has been met with many sticks in the wheels. Without going any further, the case of IM Acadamy, which was supposed to be a school to learn about cryptocurrencies, accentuated doubts by being considered
a pyramid scheme.

Likewise, the CNMV has warned that Mundo Crypto is on the gray list of entities without authorization or registered to offer financial services. Thawani, for his part, has mentioned on several occasions that
«prepare students to learn about the benefits and also the risks».

“I invite anyone who considers cryptocurrencies a pyramid scam, to come and
debate with me», challenged the Canarian businessman, who lives in Dubai, to all those who doubt the cleanliness of their businesses and the reliability of cryptocurrencies.

Mani Thawani assured last Thursday to be
'hurt' due to 'negative media attention' received and claimed the company's place as the right arm of the regulators, while insisting that MundoCrypto works for the
“responsible mass adoption” of cryptocurrencies.

While the organization is looking for new masters of ceremonies, it keeps other celebrities among the public such as
the actress Macarena Gómez, the economist Daniel Lacalle or the magician Julius Dein. Also, among the speakers, representatives of PlayStation and Coca Cola, among others, rejected the invitation.

born in San Bartolomé de Tirajana (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1992) and who soon moved to Tenerife, speaks English, Spanish and Hindi, where his family originates from. Despite the criticism received, Mani remains serene and optimistic. «
My mother lives in the same house we lived in ten years ago.. We don't worry too much. I know how to channel it so that I don't worry, but at the same time it hurts a little and you think, why? », She said in an interview with El Español.

On the other hand, from
Facua remember article 87 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, considers a
abusive clause «the retention of amounts paid by the consumer and user for resignation, without contemplating compensation for an equivalent amount if the employer resigns».

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