March 3, 2021

Light at the end of the third wave

Today we have to hold on to a burning nail. The infections registered this weekend are down compared to the previous weekend, something that it hasn’t happened for two months. Are we at the beginning of the end of the third wave? Some other data are thus outlining it, although hospital saturation and the rate of deaths are still very worrying.

We face this new phase in a very different way than we face the descent from the peak of the first wave. We are not totally confined like that time. We don’t know how long it will take to flatten the curve but it probably won’t be that fast. To find out and to avoid further spikes we would need trackers. And there is no way.

Today we will see some and others agree with these data. Ayuso will say that thanks to his measures, we are emerging from the third wave without drowning the economy. In the government of the PP in Castilla y León or Murcia or Andalusia they will say this is the result of their strategy, despite the fact that the strategy is diametrically opposed to that of their same party in Madrid. The PP opposes itself and, given the inability to lead two political creatures such as Ayuso or Feijoó, Pablo Casado bets on a low profile until the storm passes. Meanwhile, in the PSOE they will remember that they have been warning for more than a week that this was going to happen now and that is why it was not necessary to advance the curfew and it was not so far-fetched that Salvador Illa was a candidate for Catalonia.

0.04%. Israel goes fast with the vaccine. It is vaccinating up to 200,000 people a day. And very hopeful data arrive: of all those vaccinated who already have the second dose, only 0.04% have contracted the disease and in a mild way. It is a very low number.

Assaults and racism

We have two incidents at both ends of the country that are unrelated to each other, but which are also connected.

Very worrying what we are seeing especially in Las Palmas, with demonstrations against immigration at the gates of a reception center (El País). The prosecution going to investigate those who participated in WhatsApp groups to organize harassment, which in some cases has ended in assaults.

And in Gijón, a boy with a serious disability was arrested and beaten when he tried to enter the El Molinón football stadium. It happened in 2019 and today there are eight sworn guards and five local police under investigation. The family denounces that the background of the aggression is racism, because they are gypsies. The story is best told here. “What if George Floyd was a Spanish gypsy?” writes Patricia Caro.

And be careful. Perhaps you will receive a video on WhatsApp or through social networks where you see black people committing robberies as if they were incidents that occurred in Spain. Is a lie. They are images from years ago collected from different countries.

Trans Law, LGTBI Law

Attentive because this may be the new point of friction between the Government partners. The Ministry of Equality (United We Can) already has the drafts of the Trans law and the LGTBI law ready to approve them in February, but the vice president (PSOE) Carmen Calvo asks them to join the two laws into one.

And that’s it. That is a bit of the controversy. Why is it important that there are two laws or one? What implications does it have? How do you connect with the debate on gender self-determination that has been confronting different currents of feminism within the government for a year? So that you are prepared when the matter takes shape, here is a detailed explanation, written by Irene Castro and Aitor Riveiro.


Do not pass

  • Collecting a dead man’s pension. The head of Pension Control of the Social Security in Zamora has been sentenced to five years in prison for collecting the pension of his deceased grandfather for 16 years. Among other shenanigans.
  • More activity in court against Glovo. UGT sues Glovo for anti-union behavior. It’s good time to hear the Glovo co-founder speak in this video on labor philosophy. “It’s a trend: we want more flexibility, we don’t want bosses, we can do two or three jobs at the same time, right?”


In today’s chapter

  • This week marks 33 years since the 1988 premiere of the series’Those wonderful years‘. I listen to “What would you do if I sang out of tune ..” and fans of the Beatles and Joe Cocker will forgive me but what comes to mind is that home video recorded as in Super8 of the head of the series.
  • ‘Those Wonderful Years’ was an ode to adolescence and a lifestyle. It was also the origin of first hoax of my generation (Before Ricky Martin, The Dog and the Jam): We were told that Paul, the boy with glasses in the series, had become heavy metal star Marilyn Manson over the years. It was not true.
  • The series had six seasons and died amid internal controversies. The children of the series reached the age of 16, it was no longer credible that they did not do certain things that are done at that age … And the chain did not want to go through there because it meant taking the series out of the ‘family’ schedule. In the final chapter, the scriptwriters prepared the loss of virginity of the protagonists. The chain refused. We saw a fade to black and american flags.
  • Well the series returns. But with another perspective. It will star an African-American family in the racial context (of racism, go) of the USA of the 60s that so nostalgically remembered the original series.

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