Liga Santander: Mario Hermoso, philosophical stone of the Espanyol de Rubi | sports

Liga Santander: Mario Hermoso, philosophical stone of the Espanyol de Rubi | sports

Last July, before the start of the season, one of the people in charge of the technical area of ​​Espanyol wanted to have a personal meeting with Mario Hermoso, one of the players with more conditions of Rubi's squad, cornered by the blue and white ex-coach, Sánchez Flores. "I want to play and grow. My goal is to improve as a person and soccer player because I want to play in the Spanish national team, "said Hermoso. The attitude of the central Madrid surprised the coaching staff of Spanish. His past was not the most encouraging, his debut in Primera had gone from more to less, after passing through Castilla and Valladolid. Handsome, however, was right. In November, four months after that conversation, Luis Enrique took him to the national team.

"Mario, at times, may seem like an enlarged guy. You never know if that is good or bad. It is necessary to have confidence in yourself, look at the case of Sergio Ramos", They pointed from Madrid, when Hermoso went to Espanyol. The theory they had in Valdebebas about the personality of Hermoso is shared in the Sports City. However, they qualify. "When you get to know Mario you realize that he is a very sensitive boy. In addition, it has a very important characteristic, fundamental when you want to grow: listen ", explain from Sant Adrià. And technician Rubi caught it on the fly. After the first conversation with the central, the coach was dissipated all doubts, Hermoso would be central with David Lopez.

"The season we had already realized that he was a boy with many qualities. He had to polish some things as tactical aspects, but he did not lack talent or personality, "he says. David López. The problem for Rubi was that he first lost to Hermoso, now to Catalan, both due to injury. With Hermoso, in the infirmary – he was from December 7 until January 18 of low – the blue and white coach was disrupted the plans. "When you are joined by several injured in the same position, which were also giving a very good performance, it is difficult for the invention does not fall a little," explains Rubi.

Sin Hermoso, Rubi's philosophical stone, Espanyol played five games. The average of goals conceded by the blue and white team went from 1.3 to 2.2. And the percentage of victories was 40% with the Madrid, 20% when he was not. "Sometimes, it is necessary to have a bad time. Mario learned from everything that happened to him in Castilla, in Valladolid and last year in Espanyol. Rubi's game has benefited him, but there is enormous merit on his part. He is smart, he has learned to learn. It has been transformed ", explain from the technical direction.

A transformation that took him to La Roja and put him back in Madrid's orbit – he has a purchase option of 7.5 million. Hermoso measures his moment this Sunday against Madrid.

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