August 5, 2021

Liga Santander 2018-19: Plvora wet in 'killers' that have dynamite: the droughts of Costa, Bale, Surez …

Liga Santander 2018-19: Plvora wet in 'killers' that have dynamite: the droughts of Costa, Bale, Surez ...

Santander League 2018-19TOStrikers going through difficult moments facing home in Liga

Nor it is the usual, but it is happening.Wet plumra in forwards that have dynamite.Players who are accustomed to seeing the door very often, go through this beginning of the season bya worrying sequa scoring in LaLiga Santander.They have not marked for a long time. Too much for them.

Diego Costa, in fact, anthis campaign has not been released in the championship.Seven games (the last one was lost against Betis for injury) in which the Atletico attacker has not scored. In total they are already581 minutes of sequa.But the bad streak of the Atlico player in LaLiga goes a little further. Because the end of last season was not accurate either. And he spent thelast 628 minuteswithout celebrating a goal.

Without Cristiano Ronaldo, the scoring responsibility in Real Madrid falls onBale and Benzema.But neither one nor the other is responding to the expectations at the moment.The French drought already lasts 369 minutes, while thegals is 357.

The beginning of Benzema League was promising with separateconsecutive doublets against Girona and Legans.And that's it. It was day three and until nowHe has not seen another door: five games.The trajectory of Bale has been very similar. Start LaLiga very 'plugged'. Marc on day 1, March on day 2 and March on day 3.A goal to Getafe, another to Girona and one more to Legans.And then it stalled. Not one more target.

  1. Gerard Moreno: 702
  2. Diego Costa: 581
  3. Rodrigo: 423
  4. Benzema: 369
  5. Bale: 357
  6. Luis Surez: 328

Another that is not fine isLuis Surez.The Uruguayan hasthree goals in eight games, a very poor button for the numbers to which he is accustomed. A double against Huesca and a goal against Real Sociedad.After, the darkness. 328 minuteswithout seeing door in League with Barcelona.

Rodrigowas the great reference in attack of Valencia last season.End the campaign being the highest scorer (16 goals) of the teamand in the 'Top 10' of the Pichichi classification. But the beginning of this course is very different. The frontMarc on the first day against the Atleticoand since then, blank. The rival goalkeeper has not drilled again:423 minutes of sequa.

What is happening in Valencia goes beyond Rodrigo.The team goes through a historical sequa: had never reached the eighth day with only six goals in their 100 years. Other front for the team are not responding either. NeitherGameironeitherMichy Batshuayi, two renowned players who have arrived this summer at the club, are fulfilling expectations.They have only scored one goal eachin the championship so far: the French in 431 minutes and the Belgian in 352.Santi Mina, on the other hand, has not yet been released.

Gerard Morenoit does not have the fine tip either. The Villarreal striker, whobrill the last campaign at Espanyol, team with which scored 14 goalsis not finding its place in thesubmarineyellow. hisSequa already lasts 702 minutes.However, its beginning was promising. They went ahead with their new shirt with a goal on the first day against Real Sociedad, but then everything changed.Carlos Bacca, another Villarreal striker, a cazagoles, is not too successful. A target adorns the box of many in favor of the Colombian, one in 371 minutes of play in the league.It's already 253 to zero.

The moment ofGriezmann, the friend of Diego Costa in the attack point of the Attico, is not brilliant either (he accumulates 217 minutes without seeing the door in the League), but it is true thathe has only scored two goals in the 647 minutes he has played.


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