Life insurance: what you should know

Life insurance: what you should know

# 1 Life insurance, a vital protection

Traditionally, and by definition, life insurance economically protects our relatives in the face of our death. Thanks to these policies, life insurance beneficiaries can receive compensation in the event of an event, protecting them and providing extra peace of mind in the face of events of this dimension.

However, life insurance can also protect against mortgage debts, as in the case of life insurance associated with mortgage contract, as well as in front of disabilities due to accident or illness.

# 2 Make sure life insurance fits what you need

At the time of take out life insurance is essential take into account our context and our personal situation, so that we do not pay more than we should, and we can be protected against the risks and circumstances to which we are exposed. In this sense, the first thing we have to take into account is the insured capital, that is, the total value that we want to protect that is what our beneficiaries will receive in case of death. In this sense, it is important to adjust well the amount that the beneficiaries will need to avoid paying for unnecessary coverage. As a recommendation, we must make a forecast of our income and expenses, as well as the amount that our beneficiaries will need in case it is done. cash the insurance.

On the other hand, when hiring life insurance, we must also bear in mind that the amount to be paid will depend on the range of coverages that are hired, among which may be included in addition to death, an absolute or permanent disability between others.

# 3 Trust makes a difference

Life insurance is a special product, largely due to its long-term nature, so that the confidence that the insurer can give us is key at the time of deciding for one offer or another. Therefore, we must ensure that, faced with the possibility of a loss occurring to make the policy effective, the company will be able to respond according to our expectations and to what is stipulated in the contract.

# 4 Thinking about our beneficiaries

At the time of contracting the insurance, it is recommended to name the beneficiaries expressly, with name and surnames, avoiding ambiguities and confusing situations.

# 5 Registration of death coverage insurance contracts

In this registry, depending on the Ministry of Justice, you can consult if someone is a beneficiary of life insurance, as well as the entity with which the policy has been contracted, offering guarantees and protection to the contractors and beneficiaries of these policies.

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