February 26, 2021

Lieke Martens, the Dutch woman who admired Ronaldinho

Lieke Martens was chosen as the best player in the world in 2017, but she grew up without female references in football. The Brazilian Marta, who has played in this World Cup, was the only one that caught the eye in an absolutely masculine universe. That's why Martens, who has played at Barcelona for the last two seasons, he noticed Ronaldinho.

The former Barcelona player was the model for the star of Holland who today disputed the second semifinal of the World Cup against Sweden. Also Messi, but above all Ronaldinho. He did different things that caught Lieke's attention. She also played in men's teams until she was 16 years old. She was the only girl and had to change into a separate wardrobe.

The call of the Dutch team came with 15 years, before he played in a women's team. Then came his signing for the Heerenveen, the passage through the Venlo and the endless trip that took her to Barcelona. has played in five leagues: the Dutch, the Belgian (Standard Liege), the German (Duisburg), the Swedish (Kopparbergs-Goteborg and Rosengard) and the Spanish, with the club azulgrana. Along the way, he has given time to graduate in marketing and communication and to be able to speak five languages. In addition to Dutch and English, it is managed in German, Swedish and Spanish.

After 2017 was her big year, when she won the European Championship with the Netherlands and was voted best player of the year, she expects 2019 to be even better. He was already a finalist of the Champions League with Barcelona. With his selection he hopes to go one step further.

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