Lidl recalls several batches of sliced ​​jerky due to the presence of listeria

the food chain Lidl has withdrawn from the market this Tuesday several batches of the product 'Cecina sliced ​​in olive oil' from the fabricante Friber SA after warning of the presence of the bacterium 'listeria monocytogenes' in dehydrated meat.

The affected product, with an expiration date of July 11, 2023, has been on sale in the communities of Euskadi, Aragon, Navarra, La Rioja and Cantabria.

They requisition in Usera 100 kilos of fish and 22 of crabs of prohibited commercialization

Lidl has asked its customers in these regions to return the product as soon as possible in any of its stores, where the value of the purchase will be reimbursed even without presenting the ticket, according to the supermarket chain in a statement.

The distributor, which has urged that the product not be consumed under any circumstances, has ordered the removal of the jerky containers contaminated by 'listeria monocytogenes'while ensuring that there are no other products sold by Lidl Spain or the manufacturer Friber SA affected by this health alert.

Both the distributor and the manufacturer have apologized to the affected customers.

'Listeria monocytogenes' can be the cause of serious gastrointestinal illnesses and flu-like symptoms, with pregnant women and people over 65 or those with weakened immune systems being the most affected by the bacteria.