March 8, 2021

Liberals claim another feminism

Liberals claim another feminism

This year there is no unanimity around Women's Day. The Juan de Mariana Institute will present tomorrow a report in which questions some of the ideas of the dominant feminist movement. In it, the liberal think tank will offer an alternative vision. The publication, which is included in his collection of 'Myths and realities', Addresses some of the main issues that underpin the discourse of hegemonic feminism in Spain. According to the Juan de Mariana Institute, said feminism "blames man through patriarchy and points to capitalism as its main ally". Something that the liberals deny. "The differences between men and women are real, they have biological foundations Y they are evolutionarily adaptive as a consequence of their different roles and strategies in sexual reproduction. Culture is not everything, it is not a mere tool of patriarchal oppression and can serve to generate patterns and institutions that facilitate sexual, family and social cooperation ", they detail.

The presentation will take place in the center of the Francisco Marroquín University in Madrid. In him they will intervene, the executive director of the Institute as well as the four authors: Cuca Casado, Francisco Capella, Iruñe Ariño and Santiago Calvo.

According Irune Ariño, assistant director of the Institute and coordinator of the report, «feminism is one of the most successful political and social movements of the modern age, as a result of legislative changes that have equated women with men: the right to active and passive suffrage, access to secondary education, the right to work, equality before the law and sexual and reproductive rights » In addition, she points out that "the plurality that feminism has had throughout its history clashes with the vision that dominates in the West", which it has labeled as "reductionist, polarizing and interventionist".

On the other hand, Cuca Married, a graduate in nursing and a master's degree in Legal and Forensic Psychology, will present some evidence on gender violence with the aim of "fleeing from the simplicity that attributes this phenomenon to a patriarchal socioeconomic system". According to Casado, "intimate partner violence (heterosexual or homosexual) responds to multiple factors: antisocial type personality, the presence of genes related to aggression, an unstable socioeconomic situation, family breakdown, abuse in childhood, consumption of addictive substances, deficient fraternal and community links, etc. »

The report will also be presented in Barcelona with the liberal think tank Catalans Lliures.


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