April 15, 2021

Lezcano wants to reign in the Quemao Class – La Provincia

Manuel Lezcano wants to win at home. He has been training conscientiously for two months to finally be able to register his name at the top of the record of the Quemao Class-Memorial David Infante the Fula, presented by Billabong, whose fifth edition will be held in the near future on the mythical wave of the Tinajo coast (Lanzarote).

Lezcano, who has specialized in giant waves in recent years, caught the attention of Internet users this Christmas with an image that surfed one of the biggest waves that are remembered in Lanzarote. An example that Lezcano arrives at a great moment of form and will go for everyone to finally win the test that takes place in the area where he has grown and has become professional. “I have been doing sessions for two months to arrive with the greatest possible confidence. I have focused on making the maximum waves there because winning is my number one goal for this 2020 start,” he admits.

“In the last editions I stayed very close to achieving the victory and I still have that thorn stuck. I hope to get even this year because so far I have been in finals and ‘semis’, but then I have not been able to realize it in the decisive rounds. I will go step by step to try to reach the final and, once there, I hope you notice everything worked in these last two months, “he said.

Lezcano only has words of praise for the level that the Quemao Class has reached, “since the guest poster has gone to more every year.” “In the first editions came the best in Europe, but now the best in the world are here at tube level. It is a pride to have them in Lanzarote and measure them in our wave. We will enjoy and, of course, try to win it once and for all, “he added.

On the image of Anton Carús that has shaken the world of surfing this Christmas, Lezcano recounts that “we had not even proposed it as the biggest bathroom of the year.” “The conditions began to improve and came a very good series. We fight throughout the year to be prepared and that the photography has had so much diffusion is a recognition for the whole team that works with me and studies, every day, the parties thoroughly to try to be where you have to be. This helps people know that here, in the Canary Islands, and especially in winter, there are world-class waves that local surfers can

After the Quemao Class, Lezcano has other objectives such as tracking more ‘giant’ waves through Australia and Haiti.


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