Lewis Hamilton wins the Brazilian GP

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

The British pilot of Formula 1 Lewis hamilton (Mercedes) triumphed this Sunday at the Brazilian Grand Prix despite the fact that he started on Saturday from last position, beating World Cup leader Max Verstappen (Red Bull) on the track, who has seen his income reduced from 21 to 14 points, while the Spanish Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) and Fernando Alonso (Alpine) they finished sixth and ninth.

With three races ahead, the F1 World Cup is experiencing an emotion almost forgotten in recent times. Hamilton, disqualified on Friday, He came back on Saturday to start tenth this Sunday and did it again on the key day, to win in Sao Paolo ahead of Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes).

The seven-time champion does not throw in the towel. Both the Englishman and his teammate Bottas even doubted the strategy of their team in the second pit pass, but in the end Mercedes took a race that seemed written on the face of it. Bottas missed on pole and the Red Bulls took first and second.

From behind, Hamilton dodged everything to safely gain positions from that tenth place. In five laps, the Englishman was already third, when a couple of safety cars followed one another to beat Sergio Pérez, asking Bottas to follow him over the radio. On lap 20, Hamilton passed the Mexican and shortly after he entered the pits first What was worth to him to cut even more to Verstappen.

Red Bull wanted to prevent history from repeating itself, in a strategy with two stops already clear, it stopped earlier in that second and the Mercedes did it shortly after. It was time to attack and Hamilton went with everything. The champion tried twice and the third time he passed the World Cup leader in the revelry of Interlagos. The Brazilian track smiled at a Hamilton who ended up putting 10 seconds to his rival.

Verstappen had to settle for being second, with more controversy for a dubious maneuver of not drawing the curve when Hamilton had surpassed him than it was not sanctioned, and Pérez did him a favor by achieving the fastest lap over the checkered flag so that the Englishman cut 14 points at the end and not one more. The World Cup tightens before going to Qatar next week.

With the title at stake, everything else took a back seat. In the Spanish interests, Sao Paolo did not finish serving a favorable scenario, with Sainz failing to start how well he did in the sprint, third. The Madrilenian lost positions and was hurt by a touch with Lando Norris (MacLren).

Thus, the Ferrari was always in the points but he was far from the leading quartet, and also from being able to pass his teammate Charles Leclerc. In the same way, the race had little emotion for Alonso, fighting between eighth and twelfth position, with a one-stop strategy that did earn him a couple of points, letting his teammate Esteban Ocon pass.


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