Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Level studies opening new air routes between Barcelona and Asia

Level estudia abrir nuevas rutas aéreas entre Barcelona y Asia

Level wants to expand its range of destinations from Barcelona and will study for the winter season of this year and the summer of 2020 the opening of new routes to Asia, a continent unexplored so far by the brand, as explained Vincent Hodder, CEO, in an interview to this medium on the inaugural flight of the airline between Barcelona and Santiago de Chile.

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The decision, if materialized, could resolve one of the pending subjects of El Prat airport: Connect nonstop to key destinations in Asia. In any case, the change is still under study and Barcelona would compete with Paris, the other long-distance radio station Level, to stay the new routes.

Vincent Hodder, CEO of Level, believes that Barcelona has a lot of potential

"Barcelona has a lot of potential. It is the first option to grow and we want to continue growing, "says Hodder. "There are many interesting big cities in Asia, but we do not have any concrete plans now," he clarifies. "In October, the winter season begins. We will look at the routes we operate, the frequencies and decide how to best use our capacity. We want to do it in a predictable and well-planned way, "he continues.

In addition to Asia, Hodder sees many opportunities in Latin America and North America, where it already operates. In fact, Level now focuses only on Europe and America. It has just opened the route from Barcelona to Santiago de Chile, with two weekly frequencies until the end of July, when it will rise to four. "It's a market that was not served directly and that is going to give us a chance to grow. It will be profitable. " In any case, Level waives the moment to turn Barcelona into an operating hub for Latin America that competes with Madrid.

And it is that Hodder bets for being "agile and flexible" and not so much for a large-scale growth, something that is translated in the selection of routes and even the renunciation of them if they were operated and a better opportunity is detected, as it happened with the flights between Barcelona and Los Angeles, canceled to fly to Chile.

Level seeks to "democratize" travel, in the words of Hodder. Up to 55% of the airline's customers are under 30 years old. The CEO of the airline believes that the reduction of costs will allow in the future cheaper tickets, even below the 99 euros base of the route to New York, which starts in July. "We continue to find good opportunities to lower costs and prices," he concludes.

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