March 5, 2021

Level 1 fire emergency activated in Miraflores and La Granja

The Community of Madrid has activated level 1 of the Emergency Plan against forest fires (Infoma) due to the proximity of the fire that started this afternoon in Miraflores de la Sierra and coincides with another that tries to extinguish in La Granja (Segovia ).

Level 1 is activated in those fires in which, in its most unfavorable evolution, the need for the implementation of measures for the protection of persons outside the extinguishing device is foreseen.

Also in cases where there are isolated threatened goods of a non-forest nature, such as sensitive infrastructure or supply networks, and because the expected forest damage is considerable, due to the extent of the fire or the characteristics of the affected area.

The fire in the Madrid town of Miraflores is close to the Guadarrama National Park, where firefighters have moved a large device to prevent the flames from reaching the pine forests of the protected area.

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