April 11, 2021

Levante -Athletic: History in sight

Chen you are so close to glory your legs cannot shake. Levante sees glory, the first final in the more than one hundred years of life of the Orriols team. Not even the fanciest expected this gift that they can now touch with their fingertips. So close, but so far at the same time.

The team of Paco Lopez is doing a season more than meritorious. In the quiet part of the table, looking more towards the Europa League places than the relegation places and the Copa del Rey semifinals. Now comes the time of the last effort. Of the final blow.

It brought a great result from San Mams. A draw with goals that usually scores a lot in the return matches. But the Levante is dangerous when it is the Levante. If you don’t give up your offensive spirit. The one that has made him play with personality and defeat teams like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Atltico in less than three years of Paco on the bench.

The Atlhetic and the Double

Athletic appears convinced of getting ahead and get into your third end of the course. The team considers your confidence endorsed. The lions chain eleven heats in a row (Cup and Super Cup) going ahead and, in addition, he has not failed in any of the last six semi-finals he has played. Tonight’s game parallels the one before the 2015 final, when the team that Valverde was coaching then played at Espanyol’s home after having obtained a disturbing 1-1 in the first leg.

Athletic won Cornell. The rojiblancos also cling to the good work with Marcelino since they have scored in all the games they have played since the Asturian arrived. The first premise to take a place for the third time in La Cartuja is to score in the Ciutat. And it is a mandatory conditioner because without goal there will be no end. The team travels to Valencia burned by the embers of the LaLiga match on Friday and the expulsion and sanction of Iigo Martnez. In the club they consider it disproportionate and more than one believes that there was premeditation in the provocation of Sergio Len … that he knew well what key he was playing.


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