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The VAR and the clumsiness of Hernani, who left the Levant with ten the last 20 minutes of the game for an entry behind Chimy Avila, blocked the Levant in the Ciutat de València. Osasuna, developed by the granota in the first half, got up in the second act and scratched a new draw. Fifth matched for Navarre, kings of the tie in the championship, while Levante remains undefeated in his fort.

Displaying his profile of an attacking and less erratic team than usual in defense, Levante soon overwhelmed Osasuna. Morales received a ball between the lines and unloaded on the right side over Miramón's career, which centered satin and tense to the second stick to finish off Hernani on goal, while Roger dragged the defense towards the first. Nacho Vidal did not close well and the Portuguese scored his second goal in the championship. Everything good that Hernani brought in the offensive granota made him dirty by expelling himself with an entry on Chimy Avila.

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Aitor, Vezo, Postigo, Miramón, Clerc, Campaña, Radoja, Hernâni, Morales (Rochina, min. 74), Roger (Sergio León, min. 74) and Mayoral (Coke, min. 84).


Rubén, Aridane, Pervis Estupiñán, Nacho Vidal, David García, Oier, Fran Mérida (Jon Moncayola, min. 45), Rubén García (Robert Ibáñez, min. 82), Roberto Torres, Adrián (Juan Villar, min. 82) and Chimy

1-0 min. 4: Hernâni. 1-1 min. 56: Rubén García.

César Soto Grado

Aitor (min. 83),
Radoja (min. 81),
Hernâni (min. 17),
Roger (min. 60) and
Sergio León (min. 89).

Stadium:City of Valencia

On his return to the Ciutat de València, Rubén García, who wears more tattoos than when he left for Gijón and then Pamplona, ​​did not celebrate his goal in the second act after rubbing before the draw after Hernani's goal. The Xàtiva left with a left leg a foul from the right side closing the ball so much on the goal, that the goal Aitor, surprised by the curve of the hit, took it off with the right leg rejecting the ball towards the second stick. His next arrival, in the 57th minute, would be lethal. Rubén controlled a millimeter pass from Roberto Torres and between Vezo, Miramón and Aitor, who stayed midway, even hitting the ball with his right leg while falling to the ground. In the loss of Radoja the tie was born.

Increasingly present in the championship, the VAR did not validate a goal from Roger in the first half because his shoulder, according to the line drawn by the technology, was more advanced than the foot of David García. Last year the granota were annulled somewhat similar because Morales had part of the heel offside. The action was worthwhile. He took a foul Vezo next to the local bench and Roger, who escaped through the legs of the reddish defense, lowered the ball with his chest in the area, cut with the right and scored with the left next to the first stick. The precise technical execution of the Gunman was without a prize and the Levante, superior to Osasuna, retired to changing rooms with a short marker and angry with the arbitration.

At the mercy of the Levant, Osasuna, very imprecise in the passes and far from the image he had been showing before arriving at the Bernabéu, ended up imploring the arrival of the rest. The rojillos, on the other hand, improved their performance in the resumption with Estupiñán percussing on the left and the young Moncayola leading his team. The Ecuadorian stayed close to the goal heading a ball that Aitor patted a corner from the goal line.

Al Levante the expulsion of Hernani did not remove his offensive tendency but his arrivals were not clear.

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