June 12, 2021

Levante and Athletic sign a draw that does not bring them closer to Europe

The I raised and the Athletic club signed tables (1-1) waiting for the duel that both teams will star again at the Ciutat de València in six days with the prize of a Copa del Rey final.

The Bilbao team left better sensations than their rival and it generated more danger but the match in the end was decided in two controversial penalties, especially the whistle against the Levantine team in the second half, since incomprehensibly from the VAR and after several minutes of consultation they did not remove the referee from his error, Well, in the television shots contact from Vukcevic to Berenguer was not appreciated.

The Basque team jumped onto the pitch more intense than their rival, with very high pressure and a fast and vertical game. Marcelino’s men warned with a couple of very clear occasions in the first ten minutes that they ran into goalkeeper Aitor Fernández, first hitting just enough to prevent neither Raúl García nor Muniain from reaching a goal, and later clearing a goal with his foot. Muniain’s shot that was repelled by the post.

The Levante, with greater possession, managed to shake off Athletic’s dominance and after half an hour De Frutos stole a ball in the midfield and planted himself in the area where he was shot down by Unai Núñez. Roger Martí transformed the maximum penalty to make it 1-0 and add his tenth goal in the current campaign.

After the goal, Athletic won the game and Williams was able to draw but again ran into an excellent Aitor Fernández that held his team ahead at halftime.

In the resumption, a robbery of Berenguer to Coke in the local area generated the controversial penalty that Raúl García did not miss the opportunity to equalize the game with more than half an hour of play ahead.

After the tie, the Basque team gave a greater sense of dangerAlthough as the minutes passed, the two coaches began to withdraw their best players from the field of play with their minds set on the semifinal cup and accepting the final draw.

Data sheet:

1. Lift: Aitor, Son, Coke (Miramón, m.57), Duarte, Rober Pier, Clerc, De Frutos (Sergio León, m.84), Vukcevic (Malsa, m.57), Rochina, Morales (Dani Gómez, m.73 ) and Roger (Toño, m.84).

1. Athletic Club: Unai Simon; Capa, Nuñez, Íñigo Martínez, Balenziaga (Lekue, m.67); Berenguer (Villalibre, m.76), Vencedor (Oier, m.84), Vesga, Muniain (Morcillo, m.67); Williams (De Marcos, m.76) and Raúl García.

Goals: 1-0, m.34: Roger, from a penalty. 1-1, m. 56. Raúl García, from a penalty.

Referee: Díaz de Mera (Castilian-La Mancha College). He admonished Coke, Vukcevic, Son and coach Paco López for Levante, and for Athletic Morcillo

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 25 of The league played at the ‘Ciutat de Valéncia’ stadium. No spectators.


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