March 9, 2021

Letter from a minister to a bullfighter | Culture

"You do not imagine, master, how much that toast of yours meant!" The passage between quotation marks and the exclamations are part of the letter that José Luis Ábalos, acting Minister of Public Works, has sent to Román Collado dated July 9.

The socialist leader refers to the isidril afternoon of May 30. And at the moment in which the right-handed Valencian gave him the task of Liar, a copy of Adolfo Martín to whom a work of power and awarded delivery with one ear.

It was the reappearance in a bullring of Minister Ábalos, protagonist of a controversy and a misunderstanding that they rushed last December, when the then Secretary of organization of the PSOE described as "casposa" the idea of ​​a Spain inhabited by bullfighters and hunters. It was about questioning Vox's identity idiosyncrasy, but the statements were also interpreted as a degradation of bullfighting.

Letter from a minister to a bullfighter

Accompanied by Victorino Martín (Fundación Toro de Lidia), "he had arrived at Las Ventas", writes Ábalos to Román, "with the courage in the stirrup of a small tribulation." Months ago, some malicious people had unfairly questioned my respect for the fight and I do not know if you know that my father was a bullfighter and that I have always cultivated a sincere appreciation for the Fiesta, so even though I have never needed anyone to certify the extent of my affections, that false controversy hurt me " .

The toast of Roman in one of the most expectant afternoons of the fair served as a normalizing or reconciler argument. The right-hand man was grateful for the presence of Abalos, even more so when the bullfighting season had resented a strong politicization. Vox gathered his passion for bullfighting in competition with the PP, but the isidrada predisposed the presence of Felipe VI in the charity run – Minister Ábalos guarded him in the box on June 12 – in the same way that he received the visit of the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, in the celebration of June 15.

"I found again in Las Ventas", the minister writes, "some of the great things that bullfighters appreciate about the Fiesta. The atmosphere was great, and the bulls, good. In addition, I received not a few samples of affection and, to top off my satisfaction, you gave me a bull and embroidered a great task. "

It was the bright side of the Roman fair. The dark side came with an anguished fuck that was close to cost him his life To the bullfighter on the afternoon of June 9. José Luis Ábalos has it in his letter of thanks to the killer:

"Days later you suffered a serious goring that forced you to go through the operating room twice. Therefore, first of all, I want to emphasize the joy that comes from knowing that you recover well. "

The return of Román is scheduled at the Valencia fair on July 24. In fact, the Valencian bullfighter wanted to thank the minister's letter inviting him to the event of the reappearance. We will know then if Pedro Sánchez will have been or not invested as president of the Government.

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