October 19, 2020

Let’s turn opportunities into successes




The European Union has launched the largest and most ambitious plan in its history with the aim of forcing the recovery of the continent’s economy, after the serious crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The European Recovery Plan is an enormous opportunity to lift the economy out of the crisis it is currently experiencing, but also to make it move towards a different future and, hopefully, what better. Because, we must remember that the political agreement that supports the Next Generation EU fund, with an endowment of 750,000 million euros -140,000 of them assigned to Spain-, seeks both the recovery and the renewal of our economy, demanding, in addition, that the orientation of economic activity and the transformation of production processes is presided over by the ecological and digital transition.

There is no doubt that this important European decision will be the frame of reference for the economic and budgetary policy of the 27 member states for the next few years. Also – and we dare to say that, especially – in Spain, because the need for recovery in our country is greater than that of our neighbors and the progress in the transformation of our economy cannot be postponed.

At this time, the Government of Spain is working on the presentation of a national recovery project to achieve the common objective set by the continent. It is not an easy task, of course, but also this government work is very different from what other administrations have faced. The normal thing to date was that governments had many ideas and very few resources. This time, however, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has at his disposal enormous amounts of money and sources of financing and has to be able to present the best initiatives for the future of our country. And those ideas are there, in companies, in sector associations, in entrepreneurs and, in general, in Spanish society. It is now about managing to spend successfully and invest wisely. Because it would be so disappointing not to be able to transfer the aid to the real economy due to the lack of specificity and diligence of the Government, such as leaving without subsidies those initiatives with transformative capacity that are there, but that may end up being invisible to the eyes of the Executive.

“The normal thing to date was that governments had many ideas and very few resources”

We are at the key moment. We have to get it right and, for this, we all have to do our part to ensure that European aid moves from the logic of opportunity to the terrain of success. And getting it right means having clear ideas. This time, it is not about limiting ourselves to helping those who need to save their present, but about betting on those initiatives that allow us to win the future. This is not the time to limit ourselves to dusting off the old projects of always, but to bet on programs that help us to modify the classic schemes of operation of the Spanish economy. And it is not about making an amendment to all that we have done, but about continuing to do what we do best, but with the imprint of a modern, efficient country that lives up to the ambitions of the best democracies in the world. .

We insist that it is time for all of us to do our part. Therefore, we must make available to all those who have ideas to improve our country our experience in transferring to the Governments those transformative capacities so necessary at this time and our ability to reach that point where private initiative, the strength of the public and the benefit of society. That point is called general interest. That space exists and we can find it together.

Joan Navarro and José Luis Ayllón belong to the Next Generation EU Projects Unit at LLYC

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