'Let's say I speak of Madrid', reinterpreted by 20 singers to raise the spirits - La Provincia

The social networks of City of Madrid They have released this Monday the latest version of Joaquín Sabina from 'Let's say I speak of Madrid', this time, under the motto '#PongamosQueCantaMadrid ' performed by a total of 20 singers and groups with the aim of encouraging the people of Madrid.

The singer-songwriter has given up the use of his song for this project in order that his verses contribute to the positive mood dominating the population. "after a month of combat against this new enemy. "

The legendary singer of Hombres G, David Summers; 'Willy' and Antón de Taburete; the interpreters from Sweet California; Carlos Goñi, Manu Tenorio, Álvaro Urquijo from 'The Secrets'; Marta Sánchez, the four singers from 'Unique', Alba Messa, Luis Ramiro, Samuel, Javier from 'Los Pecos', Lorena Gómez, Belén Arjona, Luismi Grayonay, Jadel, Dani Ramírez, Álvaro Benito and Huecco are the protagonists of this video .

Three weeks ago, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, He had the idea of ​​paying tribute to the people of Madrid, a symbolic gift to thank them for everything they are doing in this common struggle.

Music is the way to reach all of them, with a song that talks about the city, its different faces, a melody that other artists such as Antonio Flores, Revolver, Recidivists, Enrique Morente, Porretas or Carmen Linares.

The first thing that was done was to request authorization from its owner, Joaquín Sabina, and he gave up the rights for the singers to give him a voice. Subsequently, lbequeathed contact with the artists to make possible this new work that sees the light.

Their records are accompanied by historical images that will remain forever in the retina of the population. Scenes of a city on the balconies, Madrid applauding toilets, doctors cheering policemen, images of municipal workers who have allowed essential services not to stop, drivers of the Municipal Transport Company and cleaning staff, among other professionals.

'Thank you for taking care of us; thanks for protecting us; Thank you for making it possible. Let's get out of this. Let's go Madrid ', collects the video.


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