Let's dream: Alonso and Sainz, together

«Alonso says, Alonso does, Alonso will try, Alonso will try ...». Alonso, Alonso, Alonso. How can Carlos Sainz compete with one of the greatest media phenomena in the history of this country? The shadow of the Spaniard is so elongated that it threatens to overshadow any Spanish pilot. But Carlos Sainz, a friend of the Asturian, is willing to get rid of his long shadow. In Russia, he showed that he is a pilot made, capable of making a sidereal exit, to face a whole Hamilton. The sixth final place is just one more notch in a spectacular season considering the car in his hands. Always ahead of his partner. Another thing is the future, absolutely hopeful.

2021. Key year. The announcement of the agreement between McLaren and Mercedes has revolutionized the paddock and has long teeth for Spanish fans. The union of the legendary British team with the best grill biker, in principle, can only bring good things for Sainz. Although McLaren has been failing for years, Mercedes seems a reliable enough partner to fight for victories. And that's where Carlos will have his great opportunity, the time to become a mass idol.

An impossible pair. The question is whether Fernando returns to the World Cup, of course. The years pass and nobody has the same benefits at 25 years as at 40, but Alonso is demonstrating in other categories that he maintains the strength, ambition and expertise to compete with anyone. Your idea is still to find a seat that gives you a chance to win. And 2021 is a date that has slipped repeatedly. Fernando continues to have a professional relationship with McLaren. Tying up ends, and dreaming, an Alonso-Sainz duo in McLaren-Mercedes is not a chimera.

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