Letizia and her daughters, from spontaneity to formality

All the appearances of the kings and their daughters are studied in detail, although sometimes it may seem that this is not the case due to the disorderly organization when photographing the moment. What is more than evident is that as a result of the scandals associated with the figure of Don Juan Carlos, the case Nóos Y the divorce of the Infanta Elena, the photographs have lost spontaneity and have gained in professionalism. That the grandchildren of Kings Emeritus have grown up and are already teenagers has also detracted from freshness.

Last Saturday, on the occasion of the tribute paid to the Menorcan medalist Joan Cardona, we were able to re-see a scene that we thought was forgotten. In 2020, because of the pandemic, there was no competition andhe posed by Felipe and Letizia with Eleanor and Sofía was replaced by a visit to Petra and the Palma neighborhood of Son Roca. However, with The celebration of this XXXIX edition of the Copa del Rey de Vela Mapfre, the queen and her daughters returned to the dock and spent some time with some sailors. Their farewell to the reporters, television cameras and photographers, walking on the asphalt until they reached the official car that was waiting for them on Avenida Gabriel Roca, showed that nothing will ever be the same again.

Eleanor’s first summer in Mallorca was in 2006. At just 9 months old, the first-born of the kings enjoyed the nautical competition aboard the Somni. The following year his sister Sofía joined and later the rest of the cousins ​​fell from the photographs. Since 2013 they have not been seen together publicly.

Letizia and her daughters, from spontaneity to formality.

The spontaneity of today’s Princess of Asturias and Infanta Sofía in 2010 upon their arrival at the Real Club Náutico de Palm, joking with Doña Letizia and playing with the windAs seen in the image above, it contrasts with the perfection and time control of the scene captured on the spot 11 years later. The queen and her daughters managed the rhythm and beat as they walked. With their backs to the flashes, they also calculated the moment to turn around and say goodbye in one last image for the memory of a royal summer at the Marivent Palace with two days left. It is one of the few occasions in which you can see the Royal Family in a more relaxed atmosphere and, however, up close, it does not feel natural, but forced. Doña Letizia, the princess and the infanta know that these photographs must reflect the image of a strong institution despite the scandals.

Antonio Banderas congratulates his brother after winning the Cup

The actor Antonio Banderas congratulated his brother and his team after winning the Copa del Rey Mapfre de Vela this past saturday The crew competed aboard the Soho Caixabank Theater, owned by the famous interpreter. “Happy to tell you that our ship has just won the Cup. Thanks to His Majesty the King, the organization to my brother and sponsors,” Banderas wrote.


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