June 21, 2021

Leticia Romero, Astou Ndour and'Leo' Rodríguez, summoned for the hit against Holland and Ukraine – La Provincia

Leticia Romero, Astou Ndour and'Leo' Rodríguez, summoned for the hit against Holland and Ukraine - La Provincia

The Gran Canaria Leticia Romero, Astou Ndour Y Leonor Rodríguez have been called by the national coach, Lucas Mondelo, to dispute the next 'window' FIBA ​​in which Spain will have to face the Netherlands in Amsterdam on November 17 and Ukraine on the 21st of the same month in Melilla. Adding both victories would be the mathematical classification for the next EuroBasket of 2019 to be held in Serbia and Latvia.
Regarding those chosen to compete in the last World Cup held in Tenerife, Romero's return to the list of candidates, as well as the presence of Paula Ginzo, European U-20 champion last summer, and is the only one of the fourteen that will premiere in a call for the senior team.

The pupils of Mondelo also aim to achieve the first place in the table against the Netherlands and Ukraine. For this, he has called the bases Silvia Domínguez (Perfumerías Avenida), Leticia Romero (Prague) and Cristina Ouviña (Bourges); the escorts Queralt Casas (Flames) and Marta Xargay (Prague); the eaves Leonor Rodríguez and María Conde (Wisla) and Belén Arrojo (Perfumerías Avenida); the power forward Laura Gil (Perfumerías Avenida), María Araújo (Wisla) and Paula Ginzo (Nissan Al-Qázeres) and the centers Astou Ndour (Cukurova), Laura Nicholls and Nogaye Lo (Quesos El Pastor).

The team will concentrate Monday afternoon in Guadalajara, where they will train three days before traveling to Amsterdam to play against the Netherlands on the following Saturday (November 17) at 8:00 pm. The second match of the window will be in Melilla on Wednesday, November 21 (20.00 hours), against Ukraine and everything indicates by the current classification that Spain will play there first place.

In these moments, those of Mondelo are the only undefeated team, with four wins and zero defeats, followed by Ukrainian (3-1), that with the defeat in Kiev before the Spanish accumulated their only negative result. If both teams win their first match of this last window, the Melilla match will decide the top-ranked team -España has a four-point advantage-.

After this window, the 14 classified teams will leave – together with Latvia and Serbia – for the EuroBasket of 2019. The top eight finishers along with the six best seconds will get their ticket.


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