Leticia Dolera regrets that the controversy with Clotet has been used to discredit feminism | Culture

Leticia Dolera regrets that the controversy with Clotet has been used to discredit feminism | Culture

The director and actress Letizia Dolera has spoken for the first time this Wednesday of the controversy with Aina Clotet, the interpreter who He denounced that he did not hire her for his series Let yourself go for being pregnant. Dolera has released a three-page statement on Twitter in which he explains his decision not to hire her, he regrets that the controversy has been used to "try to discredit the feminist movement" and question his years of commitment to him and ensures that the problem was due to a "communication error" with Clotet .

Clotet assured the past November 20 who was not hired after announcing to the filming crew that she was pregnant and asking that some way be sought so that it would not affect the series, yet to be released, such as hiding her pregnancy with plans or with script changes. Dolera had selected her for one of the three leading roles, although no contract had been signed. And as soon as he learned that Clotet was expecting his second child, he decided to break the agreement. The actress denounced: "I assumed that the production of a series markedly feminist and that raises the difficulty of being a woman and mother in this society, would consider all the options so as not to be excluded because I am pregnant".

In Let yourself go, series focused on three women who are going through a life crisis, Clotet was going to play Cristina, a woman who takes the pill without her husband's knowledge in the first chapter, and from there, "reconnects with sexuality and begins to have adventures ", according to Dolera's words. Celia Freijeiro was chosen by the filmmaker to replace Clotet.

In the statement, released two weeks after the denunciation of Clotet was made public-the director says it took so long because it was "in the final stretch of the shoot" and because they have been "very hard" days for her-, Dolera has acknowledged "the lack of understanding" with the actress and regretted "not having been able to accompany Aina better than she needed", which has led her to his judgment of "a situation of tension and public exposure".

However, the director of the series has justified the decision not to hire the actress "by not fitting into the profile of the main character for which she was selected at first". As indicated, the production team studied for two weeks the reasons why, although they "hurt", Aina Clotet "could not embody the character."

This is where it points to a communication error, since a process of casting that the actress met by a third person: "It was a matter of hours". "Both I, the producer and the series apologize at the time, by phone and in person, I take this opportunity to do it again, this time publicly, I understand the sadness of this news and I take charge of its disappointment," he adds. "I'm sorry that in this case, despite trying, we did not achieve an ideal solution," says Dolera, after detailing the possibilities and options that were considered to face a shoot with the pregnant protagonist.

"Many things have been said about me, but it has hurt me especially to see how this situation was used to try to discredit the feminist movement, which is so necessary in our society, or to question my commitment," the director said in the statement. asks for a reflection on the situation of pregnant actresses in the audiovisual industry.

It emphasizes that the paper represents a woman who does not want to become pregnant, and that "in this case it was something totally opposed to Cristina's character". "Our body also tells the story," he recalls. He also argues that in the do not Weighed the narrative style of the series, filmed entirely in natural settings and in which it was not possible to opt only for short shots, as well as the impossibility of elaborating an alternative filming plan.

It is a production with 62 natural locations, with 94 actresses and actors, and one change implied "the non-hiring of four actors already confirmed". It was also ruled out to erase her "belly of pregnant in post-production" as proposed by the actress, who was willing to pay her salary this process. The producer ne denied because it did not seem ethical or legal.

Dolera explains that she also did not see that Clotet could play the role reserved for her in the series, since she wrote it thinking of herself and of very personal experiences. He confesses that he understands that he also rejected a chapter character, "a short appearance with some sequences". For all these reasons, she asks to confront this situation as "an opportunity to make a collective, constructive, rigorous and courageous reflection among professionals of the sector on how motherhood affects all women in the industry". It also proposes to open a dialogue with associations such as the Union of Actors, the union Tace, Proa or the Union of Filmmakers to address the difficulties of insuring pregnant actresses or the vulnerability of women in this situation.


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