March 5, 2021

"Let Spain return them or we will do it"

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, referring to the presence in the central Mediterranean of the ship of the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms, said: "Let Spain bring them back or, otherwise (obviously with good manners), we will do. "

"How dare these 'gentlemen'?", Added Salvini on Facebook in reference to an Open Arms message in which he said in Italian that "international conventions are born to curb racist and fascist laws."

The Spanish NGO referred to the last decree on safety promoted by Salvini that prohibits the entry into territorial waters of ships that have saved migrants and what has caused the case of Sea Watch and the subsequent arrest of Captain Carola Rackete, who entered without authorization in the port of Lampedusa.

Salvini has already warned of the consequences of disobeying the authority of the Open Arms ship, of the homonymous Spanish NGO, and Alan Kurdi, of the German Sea-Eye, which are located in the central Mediterranean, such as fines, seizures and arrests.

"There are other boats of two NGOs, one German and one Spanish, that are sailing towards the Mediterranean: NGOs advised, NGOs half saved, fines, seizure of the vessel, prohibition of entry into territorial waters and in case of disobedience, arrest" said Salvini.

The founder of the Spanish NGO, Oscar Camps, said in an interview with Efe that he does not fear the consequences of Italian laws because "the jail is out, not the bottom of the sea."

Camps is on board the Open Arms to take full responsibility and protect the captain in the event of what happened in Italy with the Sea Watch captain.

The ship Open Arms attended last Sunday a wooden boat off the coast of Libya with about 55 people, who were later escorted by two patrols of the Coast Guard and the Italian Guard of Finance to the ports of Sicily.

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