“Let me do it or you go back to your shitty life”

The evening session of the Rodrigo de Santos trial has left the crude account of one of his alleged victims of sexual abuse, specifically the young Dominican who would have suffered seven episodes of rape, according to the private prosecution and the Prosecutor’s Office, between February and July 2017 “Let me suck you if you don’t want to go back to your shitty life,” Rodrigo de Santos told the complainant during the first of those abuses, the witness told the court.

Rodrigo de Santos returns to the bench for abusing two men in the NGO related to the PP that hired him after his conviction

Rodrigo de Santos returns to the bench for abusing two men in the NGO related to the PP that hired him after his conviction

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The two allegedly attacked were prisoners without roots who needed the shelter houses of the NGO Nuevos Horizontes-Padre Garralda to be granted prison permits. The main victim denounces that Rodrigo de Santos used his power to inform Penitentiary Institutions against him to blackmail him and obtain sex. “You always ask for favors but when you need something you never do it,” Rodrigo de Santos began one night by saying to the young man in his office in the foster home, the site of seven of the eight alleged rapes, the ex-inmate said.

The young Dominican has related how De Santos offered him to watch a pornographic video on his mobile phone so that he would have an erection and be able to perform the aforementioned fellatio. On several occasions, this was followed by a request for him to put on a condom and penetrate him, according to the alleged victim. “I’m not a fag,” said the young Dominican who was trying to explain to De Santos. “You have to do what I tell you. Put on a condom that I want you to penetrate me, or do you want me to penetrate you?” According to the complainant, Rodrigo de Santos was very upset. “I was high,” he said.

The ex-inmate has also included in his testimony how the defendant asked him to ejaculate on top of him, in different parts of his body. After that she hurriedly kick him out of the office with disparaging words. The next morning, according to the young man, De Santos was kind in public: “God sent this boy to give me light. He is a being of light. He is my little brother.” To the question of the defense of Rodrigo de Santos about why he did not denounce before, the young man replied: “How could I tell anyone if he was the owner of everything.”

Rodrigo de Santos had denied the abuses in the morning and had the power to prevent inmates from accessing permits. Two NGO workers have denied it. A social worker has said that he had “all the power” and that he reported to Penitentiary Institutions alone. Regarding the possibility that her threats would culminate, the NGO employee explained that De Santos had a contact in the Aliens Brigade and that, indeed, one of the inmates he had threatened was released and the Police went to arrest him. near the reception center and expelled him to his country. It has also offered four names of inmates who resigned the endorsement of the NGO Nuevos Horizontes-Padre Garralda on weekends, preferring to stay in prison rather than endure the treatment of Rodrigo de Santos.

Alleged “humiliating” treatment of other inmates and colleagues

Another worker, who has subsequently testified, has confirmed his partner’s suspicions about the harassment of other inmates, other than the complainants. He explained that they made complaints to their superiors at the foundation about De Santos’ “humiliating” behavior towards inmates and colleagues and that the NGO, with a board of trustees with several PP politicians, “shrugged its shoulders.” The social worker has affirmed that Rodrigo de Santos, contrary to what the defendant has declared in the morning, assigned himself the weekend shifts in which he knew that his alleged victim was going to go to sleep at the house host.

On the other hand, a third worker has contested the testimony of her two colleagues, has recognized the weight of De Santos’ positions in the final decisions, as coordinator, but has denied that they were “unilateral” decisions. According to the defense line of Rodrigo de Santos, this third worker has said that the attitude of the young Dominican changed when he learned that Rodrigo de Santos had a history through the ‘links’ that a volunteer put in a WhatsApp chat Faced with the position of his colleagues who had declared that inmates and colleagues knew of Rodrigo de Santos’ conviction for sexual abuse of minors since he arrived at the NGO.

De Santos defends that the young man denounced him taking advantage of the fact that his version would be supported by the background of the former deputy mayor of Palma. This third worker explained how the inmate’s behavior worsened, unlike her colleagues who previously testified, who have denied the bad behavior that the accused had exposed in the morning.

The other alleged victim, a young man of Moroccan origin, has confirmed that De Santos took him home and touched both of his dresses. The complainant has assured that he gave him whiskey to drink and was hinted at, as confirmed by the whatsapp that appear in the summary. In his testimony there have been discrepancies about what he declared in court: then he said that De Santos had gotten into his bed later and in this Monday’s session he has assured not to remember him.

Rodrigo de Santos has had to admit the “insinuations”, but in his testimony he has denied that it was anything more than that. He has told the court that it was “a mistake” of which he was immediately aware and that is why he did not meet the young man again outside the reception center.


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