Lester and Alessandro Livi: faced by the past?

An image of contestants Lester and Alessandro Livi.

An image of the contestants Lester and Alessandro Livi.

Although some controversies happen off-camera, luckily we have witnesses to the discussions that take place in discos and places where the eye that sees everything is not. In this case, it is Amor Romeira who has put us out of doubt and who has spoken openly on his Instagram profile about the enmity between Lester and Alessandro Livi.

Now that the two of them are competing in 'The island of temptations and that both have assured not to know anything, although Marta Peñate She has acknowledged that her boyfriend gets on badly with the former Big Brother contestant, the reason why the two are at odds, or at least they were in the past, has come to light.

Amor Romeira has detailed us with hair and signs what happened between the two. As the singer has told, Lester's fame went up to his head when she was competing in Big Brother anonymous and went very often to a well-known nightclub in Madrid. One night, the Romeira was in said discotheque sharing reserved with Lester, although separately since both were with their respective friends.

Marta's boyfriend, who was going with an air of greatness, did not stop taking girls to the booth, not caring that he was sharing it with other people and the problem came when all the women passed him because they wanted to meet Livi, who was with Love.

In this context, Lester and his friends clashed with Alessandro Livi to the point of wanting to physically attack him, so nightclub security had to intervene. That said, the two contestants have not wanted to speak publicly about their past and acknowledge that they know each other more than they have implied to the audience of the program.


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