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That you have to be careful with what you want, that it can become a reality, is a lesson that practically everyone overcomes, but that life usually teaches later. Víctor Ruiz Ibáñez has learned this quarantine. Only 12 years old He has found that staying on the couch playing Play can be boring. He explains it without dramas, but without hot cloths, giving him, from his closed pre-adolescence, a lesson to adults. One of many. At the equator of the third week of confinement, 14 children of different ages and cities finally take the floor. That what they have to do, if they live in Spain, at least, is to stay at home, they have it clear. But How do they live this situation, with their eyes, not with those of their overwhelmed parents?

Victor gives another lesson that dynamites adultcentric prejudices about the age of the turkey. Lor first thing he will do when he can go outside, he says, is to give his friends a big hug and talk about how they have lived through all this. Hold each other tight and explain how you feel face to face, with no screens in between. 12 years. Her older sister, Clara, 15, is not far behind: "I have learned that I can be more patient than I thought." And he continues: "not only with my brothers, but with my family in general, since being all together can be quite stressful".

His cousin Carles Ibáñez Roca, 13, these days have served to discover that he likes pastry. "We have already done four or five guys, and since I have more free time, I'm trying to help more in the kitchenLet this be the inheritance of the fifth of the coronavirus sounds up hopeful.

Friends and grandparents

In luck again, who do you love mom or dad the most, among the children consulted there is unanimity. In the first place about who they want to see (and cuddle) when this nightmare ends, there is a technical tie between friends and grandparents. Impossible to choose between the two. Despite how much she misses her grandmother, Jana Taberné Morera understands with an exemplary maturity at 10 years recently completed the (difficult) situation: "as my mother works, she takes my brother and I to my aunt's or cousin's house, since my grandmother is older and is a vulnerable group." And she is very clear that, when she can go out, she will meet her friends, go to see her grandmother and go shopping. He explains it enthusiastically, as if he were already there.

Just like Jana, Erik Retamero -eight years-, he doesn't doubt about the first thing he will do: "play a good football match with my friends and go to my grandmother's house to eat good rice. "'Pas mal'.

Beyond the longed for and (with reason) revered grandparents, it says a lot - and not a good thing - about our society that most children highlight something that should be shocking. "What I like most about quarantine is that we have time to be with the family and to play." Being with the family and playing. Some children. The phrase is from the small Marina Massó, 7 years old, Jana and Erik's schoolmate, although, formulated in every possible way, is the message that practically everyone sends out. Brothers Olaf and Diego Fernández García, 9 and 10 years old, point out that the best of all this is to play with each other. To movies or table football ("although sometimes we get bored, and we admit it").

"Jump like a kid"

The twins Lucía and Andrea Castelló Cruz are eight years old and very clearly that when they leave "here" - they talk about their house, that nobody thinks badly - the first thing they will do is "jump, run and jump again like little kids". María and Alba Fernández Portillo, ages five and fourThey also want to jump and run (not to have them, poor creatures): "The first thing we will do is go to the park to see my cousins." Parks. How the parks are going to be filled when the apartment doors can be opened. Like if tomorrow does not exist. Or, more specifically, as if there was no yesterday. The coronavirus has stolen these brave men in March and is on its way to April.

To end, the little one -four years old- Júlia Sust Pantaleoni puts on the table a topic that everyone thinks at some point, but nobody dares to say: "With the coronavirus you cannot go out ... well, just to buy food. To buy food, yes; but toys, no "


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