Less capacity, space for people with reduced mobility and Canarian grapes, news in Sol – La Provincia

Less capacity, space for people with reduced mobility and Canarian grapes, news in Sol - La Provincia

The reduction of the capacity by 20 percent and the access and exclusive space for people with reduced mobility and the 'Canarian grapes' are some of the novelties of the security device of this year's New Year's Eve party at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

This year, as a novelty, it is expected that the arrival of the new year with the Canary timetable, an hour later. The clock of the Puerta del Sol is delayed and will return at 1 the 12 bells, for Canarian citizens. Then it will return to its normal time. It was a request that the Government of the Canary Islands to the Community of Madrid.

As in previous years, and as announced at the coordination meeting of the Christmas device organized by the Government Delegation, the number of people who gather these events make it necessary to hold a specific meeting to close the configuration of the device. We must also bear in mind that the Level 4 reinforcement of an anti-terrorist alert, they have pointed.


After the test and the celebration last night, the Puerta del Sol and its surroundings will be the center of security deployment for the year-end bells of December 31, as well as Canary grapes to be held an hour later.

City Hall has limited the capacity in the Puerta del Sol to 20,000 people, 2 people per square meter, 20 percent more than last year. The Police will establish the flow of people in the area, starting with the evacuation of the square around 9:00 p.m.

Once finished and when the Puerta del Sol is completely empty, people will be able to enter again until the full capacity is reached. All the entrances and exits will be signaled with signage to facilitate the evacuation in case of necessity.

The accesses to Sol from Metro and Cercanías will also close at around 9:00 pm. As in the past year, there will be a public address system, controlled by the National Police for in case it is necessary, to emit precise messages.

The access to the Plaza will be exclusively through the streets Mayor, Arenal, Alcalá and Carrera de San Jerónimo, where the corresponding controls will be established. The rest of the roads, Preciados, Carmen, Montera and Carretas, will function as evacuation routes.

In these controls, the Police will intervene those objects that may generate risks for citizen security, such as firecrackers, flares, glass containers, blunt objects (sticks, flags), etc.

In order to monitor the event in situ and to coordinate the necessary operational actions, the Coordination Center will be installed in the Palacio de Cibeles and an observation point will be installed in the headquarters of the Community of Madrid.

This year as novelty an exclusive access is provided for people with reduced mobility (PMR). These people can access the Plaza on Calle Espartero, on the corner of Calle Pontejos, and they will have a reserved area to enjoy the party.

The National Police units will participate in the device, such as Mobile Brigade, Cavalry, Police Intervention Units (UIP), Canine Guides, Subsoil. The Municipal Police, Samur-Civil Protection and Firefighters of the Madrid City Council will also make up the device.

Control of the area will be reinforced by a helicopter of the National Police, which will send images in real time to the Control Center, CECOR, located in the Police Headquarters.


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