January 25, 2021

Lesmes thanks associations of judges for their collaboration in the crash plan

The President of the Supreme Court and the CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes, has thanked the three main associations of judges for their support of the crash plan that the body of judges and magistrates is preparing for the return to judicial activity when the alarm status.

Lesmes spoke this afternoon by telephone with the spokespersons of the Professional Association of the Magistracy, the Francisco de Vitoria Judicial Association, Judges and Judges for Democracy and the Independent Judicial Forum, to thank them for the letter they have sent him, making himself available to the CGPJ to collaborate in the design of the measures of that crash plan.

As reported by the General Council of the Judiciary in a press release, Lesmes has announced to the associations that, once the base document is available, a channel of participation will be enabled so that the associations can make their contributions.

She has also called the president of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, Victoria Ortega; the President of the General Council of the Attorneys of Spain, Juan Carlos Estévez; and the president of the General Council of Official Colleges of Social Graduates, Ricardo Gabaldón; to whom he has detailed what will be the process of design and implementation of the crash plan, in which these legal operators will participate.

The plan that is being designed will be put in common with the initiatives that are also being addressed by the Ministry of Justice, with whose maximum responsibility the president has also contacted, in order to act in a coordinated manner at all times.

These initial contacts have also already occurred with the state attorney general, Dolores Delgado, according to the CGPJ.

In addition, adds the note, there will be, at the time, the autonomous communities that have assumed the exercise of powers in the field of Administration of Justice.


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