December 3, 2020

Lesmes sets for October 28 the extraordinary plenary session of the Judiciary on the reform proposed by the Government

The president of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has set for next October 28 the extraordinary plenary session requested by seven conservative members to “examine” the reform with which the PSOE and United We can try to lower the majority required to renew the body of government of the judges, which has been in office for almost two years before the blockade of the PP.

The judicial bunker: who is who in the government of the judges that occupies the PP

The judicial bunker: who is who in the government of the judges that occupies the PP

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As explained by the CGPJ, the president has opted for that date taking into account the difficulties that the current state of alarm in force in Madrid entails for any displacement and in view of the fact that the next meeting of the ordinary plenary session on the 29th The petition is José Antonio Ballestero, Carmen Llombart, Nuria Díaz Abad, Gerardo Martínez Tristán, Juan Manuel Fernández, Juan Martínez Moya and María Ángeles Carmona. All were chosen at the proposal of the PP.

The modification proposed by PSOE and Unidas Podemos consists of reducing the quorum required in Congress and the Senate from three-fifths to an absolute majority to appoint 12 of the 20 members of the CGPJ, those of the judicial shift, made up of judges and magistrates. The other eight members, chosen from among renowned jurists, will continue to be elected by a minimum of three fifths of both Houses, as established in the Constitution. The proposal also provides for limiting the powers of the governing body of judges while they are in office. The main limitation is that it will not be able to make discretionary appointments of judges, as it has done in the last two years despite having its mandate expired. The last was the appointment of six magistrates in the Supreme.

The proposal has received frontal rejection from the opposition – PP and Vox have announced that they will take it to the Constitutional Court – and also from three of the four judicial associations. This Thursday, the European Commission warned Spain that it must “reduce the influence of the Executive or Legislative Power in the Judiciary.”


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