May 25, 2020

Les Luthiers: “Old Hazmerreíres” triumphs again

Les Luthiers has been amazing the Spanish-speaking world for more than half a century, its impact is so remarkable that they are worthy of awards such as the Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities, in addition to being named illustrious citizens of Buenos Aires. On this occasion, "Old Hazmerreíres" makes use of "Radio Tertulia" as a thread to show a compilation of his greatest successes. This time the show has a novelty and is that before the event you could access a small exhibition of its peculiar and well-known instruments. Among them were "La Violata", "Bolarmonio", calephone, "Desafinaducha" and "Washboards".

The show began with the classic "Las Majas de Bergantiín", other great pieces such as "Who killed Tom McCoffe", "Love at First Sight", "Love Dilemma", "Loas to the Bathroom" and later the youngest "Recipe Postrera". There was a specific moment that marked a before and after for the public. It was after passing the equator of the anthology, when the name of his best ambassador, Johann Sebastian Mastropiero was mentioned. He appeared in the play "Pepper Clemens", which in the final stretch becomes a musical masterpiece due to the large number of instruments involved in it. As a sign of admiration and affection for the fictional character, all attendees cheered him outright.


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