Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Les Jornades Europees de Patrimoni, to servei de les persones amb disfuncionalitats

A night route amb espelmes al claustre romànic de Santa Maria de l’Estany, a visit to the supports of the cathedral of Sant Pere de Vic or a itinerary per conèixer the history of Cervera through three female personatges. These are some of the gairebé zinc-centes activitats that will be celebrated in Catalonia for laying down the history of the history that surrounds the most symbolic monuments to the public. Les Jornades Europees de Patrimoni They are an annual event that enguany encourage more than two-cents municipis catalans to promoure actes entorn l’arquitectura. L´edició d’enguany poses l’accent to reinforce l’accessibility of heritage with guided visits and adaptations to people with hearing and visual impairment.

Invidents people can feel details of the Monestir of Santa Maria de Ripoll

“L’objectiu is to advise that the contingut that is difon durant les jornades continued more inclusive”, highlights the director of the’Agència Catalana del Patrimoni Cultural, Josep Manuel Rueda. Posa l’exemple of Palau Moja of Barcelona which will offer visites amb intèrpret in the language of signes in Catalan and audio description in direct to the llarg of the setmana cap or the Monestir of Santa Maria de Ripoll which organizes a route in the qual the blind people can feel detalls emblem of the monestir. Rueda points out that fays is treballa to advise that the patrimoni remained more accessible "but there is still a llarg camí per correr." It also stands out that one of the most important things is to capture a more diverse audience "amb noves propostes i preus d’entrada menors".

J. M. Rueda, director of the Catalan Agency of Cultural Heritage

Our horitzó is to double the name of viles that join les jornades ”

Guided tours, theater stores, workshops, conferences and concerts. The list of activities is long and adds a total of 477 free proposals which is distribueixen in a total of 211 municipis. A figure that represents an increase of 11% of the population share. “Duplicating the name of viles that join the jornades is the nostre horitzó for the future,” says the director of l'Agència. He points out that it would be a way to expand the name of participants who, in the darrers anys, is between 40,000 and 50,000. The director also explains that the cost of l’organització dels differents actes goes to each town’s location, while the Department of Culture is responsible for assuming them after the diffusion and the support for municipal entitlements. Enguany the Department has a total of 82,000 euros to European wages.

The Department of Culture has 82,000 euros in les jornades europees

Two of the most refilling novelties of the appointment d´aquest cap de setmana is the lligam that the jornades have established amb l ’Associació Capital of the Catalan Culture. Aquest any la ciutat escollida Cervera I will have a special role in European jordan. The prova is l'impuls d’una nova web i applied the mobile phone that invites to discover the cultural heritage of the population of medieval times, juva and baroque. Alhora les jornades europees also found the col·laboració amb Catalonia Sacra, which will organize more than thirty days of activity to the churches and cathedrals of Catalonia. One of the moments will be the repic of conjunct bells that are expected to be at one of the migrations.

Diumenge at one of the migdia hi haurà repic de campanes conjunt a centenars de municipis

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