Leonor Watling, a woman in search of revenge in 'Living without permission' | TV

The problems and the worries are accumulated to Nemo Bandeira (Jose Coronado), protagonist of the series of Telecinco Live without permission. Alzheimer's advancement, family tensions and economic problems in his company now adds the arrival of his sister-in-law, Berta Moliner, and her stepson, Daniel, played by Leonor Watling and Patrick Criado. Chon's sister (Pilar Castro) arrives from Mexico, where she married a widowed drug dealer. Now Berta wants revenge after she ran out of the part of the canning company that belonged to her (and that she did not inherit because of her sister's marriage to Nemo).

"She is a very questionable character in every way, but she is convinced of what she does and how she does it," Watling tells EL PAÍS about her character in the series. "As an actress, she gives me a lot of tenderness, because she believes that being powerful and strong is something that has been invented in another country, what I ask of people is that they do not believe that this is being Mexican. a powerful and strong woman. "

In Live without permission, Watling has been able to interpret a type of character very different from the one that usually gives life. "I loved doing a person without any moral questioning," he says. "It's something so far from what I've done so far that I've had a great time," he adds about a character who arrives in the final stretch of the first season and who will remain in the second round of episodes of the series.

Along with Leonor Watling, she lands on the series Patrick Criado to play Daniel Arteaga, the son of Berta's late husband, with whom he has an incestuous relationship. His character is described as an "amoral narcissist who does not know the meaning of the word empathy."

The world of drug trafficking serves as the backdrop for the series, which has been added to the recent stream of fictions set in that criminal world. What attracts the spectators of the stories with the drug trafficking in the background? "I suppose the lack of morals, but I do not know why we really like them so much, it must be that we are in a world so chaotic that it makes you want to think that there is a certain order in that chaos," says the actress and singer of Marlango. Live without permission is the most watched Spanish series of the season. Last week's episode was followed by 2,741,000 viewers (19.1% share of the screen).


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