March 1, 2021

Leonardo Hernández cut four ears and triumphed in truth El Capea | Culture

Leonardo Hernández cut four ears, went on shoulders and no one will deny the intimate satisfaction of achieving such an important triumph at the fair of San Fermin.

It is a good rejoneador and has long shown, has a good block and has an essential quality: easily connects with the lines, gestures exaggeratedly with hands and arms to the exit of each luck, directs the horse to the tables to Gallop stretched out while the public, standing up, jelly as if he had just witnessed a marvel.

Hernández was well in Pamplona if it is understood that he entertained the lines. Well, yes, it was good. Tempered with a bullfight on the back of Enamorado before his first bull, a bobo and drunken animal, and reached its climax by nailing three short banderillas to the violin and kill a fulminant rejonazo.


Bulls blunted for rejoneo of The Capea, well presented, very soft the first two, and embedded, greedy and noble others; the fifth was granted the return to the ring.

Beautiful of Mendoza: two punctures and rear rejón (silence); puncture and rejonazo (ear).

Leonardo Hernández: fulminating rejonazo (two ears); Rejonazo opposite (two ears). It went on the shoulders.

Roberto Armendáriz: rear rejonazo and two descabellos (silence); three punctures and fallen rejonazo (silence).

Square of Pamplona. July 6th. Rejoneo show. Second celebration of San Fermín. Almost full.

A bull flag was the fifth, and Hernandez reached, at times, the height of his opponent. He showed off in banderillas with Calimocho, and again he maddened the audience with three other banderillas short to the violin, but this time the death row fell contrary, which was not an impediment for him to walk two ears again, this time accompanied by the mayoral of the livestock.

Was Hernandez's round performance in his two bulls? No. He did not deserve the double trophy in his first bull, invalid and stupid, before which he could only stand out in the final section. And improved noticeably against the fifth, from less to more, almost always correct, but nailing to the rump, important and habitual defect in the modern rejoneo.

Add a fundamental fact: this plaza in Pamplona is a raffle that awards trophies if you dazzle the sun and quickly kill yourself. And something else: the presidency is a joke. In two words, the requirement, a fundamental condition in the first place, is not known in these parts.

In veteran teacher was Beautiful of Mendoza before the fourth, greedy and greedy, and offered a lesson in temper with Disparate, real bullfighter, and was shown in banderillas with Arsenio, and in a pair of the two-hand with Pirate, but since he did not hit the first one, he was left without a big door, even if he is a countryman. The first was a mechanical bull, a toy, an automaton, standing and dying out.

The best bull in the afternoon was Roberto Armendáriz. It was the third, that rammed with brio, joy and quality throughout the task, but the knight is not prepared to succeed against such a serious opponent. He has plenty of encouragement and disposition, but he lacks the technique that is supposed to be gained through experience. Better before the sixth, another good bull, especially with the banderillas, riding Farruco, but not right with the final rejón.

Total, that the winner of the law was El Capea, who fought four extraordinary bulls.

The cumshot of today. Bulls of Puerto de San Lorenzo, for Emilio de Justo, López Simón, and Ginés Marín.

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