September 26, 2020

Leo Messi communicates to FC Barcelona his desire to leave the club – La Provincia

Leo Messi has communicated to Barcelona that he wants to leave now. This very summer. The forward, as El Periódico de Catalunya has confirmed after information from TYC Sports and the newspaper Olé, has sent a burofax to the azulgrana club for leave the Camp Nou after 20 years. The war between Messi and Barça has started, with unforeseeable consequences.

He wants to leave for free, tired as he is of the attitude that Bartomeu’s board has had. Italy appears as the first destination for the Argentine star since the Inter de Milan He has been working on his recruitment for a long time. But Barça is not willing arguing that his contract ends in 2021 and has a termination clause of 700 million euros.

The document sent by the star has caused “perplexity” in the Camp Nou offices, who did not expect such an abrupt movement from the star, ready to leave the Camp Nou as soon as possible. If he manages to go out for free, more stages would be opened for him because clubs like Manchester City or Paris SG himself they would be ready to welcome you with open arms.

Possible legal battle

Messi has gotten tired. AND has decided to leave Barça availing itself of a clause that exists in your contract to execute the club’s departure. A clause for which the deadline had already expired on May 31, according to the directive. You could get into a legal battle now between the star and the club, which sees how the Koeman project, after a year in white, would start without Messi.

The star understands, instead, that the season has just ended so the clause remained in full force. This is how the fight between the board of directors and Messi begins, although the board maintains that the contract remains in force, leaving that clause worthless.

The ‘trigger Suárez’

Hence Messi have resorted to a burofax to officially expose their plans, something that Barça already knows, which, at the moment, has not issued any statement. The dismissal of Luis Suarez , which was communicated to him by telephone by Ronald Koeman, has been the last argument for the disagreement between the club and the star.

Has seen Messi ignored his best friend on the squad and 24 hours later he sent the burofax to leave Barça, the club he arrived at when he was 13 years old. I hadn’t worn any other shirt in your professional career and now pound a huge pulse with the board. He does not want to return to the Camp Nou holding on to the fact that if the Uruguayan does not follow, neither will he.

With this measure, Jorge Messi, father and agent of the forward, must now find a contractual outlet, pending if it is possible to accept, as he maintains, that clause. But Barça, through various sources consulted by this newspaper, maintains that it has no value. Puyol, the former Barça captain, asked for “respect and admiration” for his friend Messi, while Arturo Vidal launched a much more bellicose message: “When you corner a tiger, he doesn’t give up, he fights.”


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