Lenovo Tenerife surpasses Barça and forces the third game

A moment of Lenovo Tenerife - Barça.

A moment of Lenovo Tenerife - Barça.

The Lenovo Tenerife bowed (80-68) to the Barça this Wednesday at the Santiago Martín de La Laguna to force the third match of the 'Playoff' of the semifinals, a game without a net to which they responded with authority Marcelinho Huertas and Giorgi Shermadini.

The Canarian team returned the series to the Palau, where this Friday the winner will go to the final of the Endesa League. Two days after the overwhelming Barça version that dominated the first game (112-69), those of Txus Vidorreta got up with the character of a historic season for the Tenerife club.

Those of La Laguna, with the public playing their good part in the return of the basketball fans, clung to the 'Playoff' with Orchestra conductor gardens (26 points and 11 assists) and his best ally, Shermadini, at the level of MVP of the League (21 points, 10 rebounds and 4 recoveries).

Barça was far from the success on Monday and did not press enough in defense. Those of Vidorreta, on the other hand, knew that they could not leave anything in the locker room. The start was a failure in both teams, although Huertas was already leaving clues of the great game that he had glimpsed. The former Barça player scored 10 points in the first quarter, while Pau Gasol and Hanga made the visitors work.

The triple was a pending issue in the two teams but the canaries approved it first. In addition, Shermadini followed the Huertas effect and entered the fight fully, with the rebound dominated by the locals and Barça still in lethargy, until Higgins made up the score at halftime (38-35).

The Resumption did not change a Barça again with the long season sensation for legs and mind, without reaction or a good version of his key men. Mirotic did not score until minute 25 and went unnoticed on the visit to Tenerife. Bolmaro's push didn't work this time either. The Lenovo was plugged in punishing the bad Barça return to the floor (49-37).

Doornekamp and Salin accompanied while Huertas and Shermadini did their repertoire for the entire season. Pau Gasol was the one who stopped the fall (57-55), but Barça failed to defend that aurinegra duo. Huertas punished again at the beginning of the last quarter and with a triple from Salin the semifinal began to pack their bags, since they fairly hit back at Sarunas Jasikevicius's men.

Data sheet

Outcome: Lenovo Tenerife, 80 - Barça, 68 (38-35, at halftime).


Lenovo Tenerife: Fitipaldo (2), Salin (5), Cavanaugh (10), Doornekamp (6) and Shermadini (21) -initial quintet-; Marcelinho (26), López (-), Jenkins (3), Guerra (4), Sulejmanovic (1), Rodríguez (2).

Barça: Calathes (4), Higgins (12), Abrines (2), Mirotic (10) and Davies (12) - initial quintet -; Bolmaro (2), Smits (-), Gasol (15), Kuric (6), Hanga (5), Westermann (-), Oriola (-).

Partial: 15-19, 23-16, 20-20, 22-13.

Referees: Pérez Pizarro, Conde and Manuel. Without eliminated.

Pavilion: Tenerife Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion.


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