May 13, 2021

Leno’s blunder that condemns Arsenal

A bad exit of the German opened the way of the comeback for Chelsea

When Mikel Arteta was already thinking about his first victory with Arsenal, Frank Lampard’s Chelsea managed to turn the scoreboard around. There were ten minutes left, the gunners commanded thanks to Aubameyang and suddenly, an action changed the course of the game. Chelsea kicks a foul from the sideline, Lenon misses the start and, brand-free, Jorginho achieves a draw. The Arsenal goalkeeper could not believe it.

Arteta in the band did not give credit and more when four minutes after that fateful departure Tammy Abraham managed the second for Chelsea. What seemed to be a placid afternoon for Arsenal ended up being a nightmare.

With this victory Chelsea confirms its fourth place and maintains the Champions position, while Arsenal is lost in the middle table. Arteta, for now, still does not reverse the crisis of results.


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