February 27, 2021

Lenni Jensen and Ariane Ochoa, Open LPA Surf City champions


Lenni Jensen and Ariane Ochoa, Open LPA Surf City champions

The waters of La Cícer crowned Lenni Jensen and Ariane Ochoa as champions of the OPEN LPA Surf City 2020, the organization has informed in a note. The last test of the National Circuit closed with two spectacular finals, at the height of the great level exhibited on the beach of Las Canteras. Jensen, born in Germany but raised in Tenerife since he was 6 years old, came “very focused to this event. I am very grateful to have been able to compete and win here.

For his part, Ochoa, 22 years old and from Bilbao, showed courage and improvement by taking the championship and the title of the Iberdrola League in the last second. “On days like these you see maximum happiness, but there is a lot of work behind it. Sometimes you don’t earn even doing everything well. This time I have succeeded.” Néstor García, 17 years old and born in Cudón, Cantabria, certified the number one in the ranking with which he arrived on the island and was proclaimed champion of the National Circuit of the FESurfing league. He did so despite falling in the quarterfinals, as none of his pursuers managed to catch up with him in scoring. He acknowledges that it was “a goal that he had had for a long time. I am very happy with the organization of the test,” said the brand new winner of the Circuit

The champion is decided in the semifinals

The meteorological situation returned to accompany the riders, which they were able to select during the second day with which waves to make, thanks to very favorable winds.

The Gran Canaria Luis Díaz, who started with aspirations to be national champion, fulfilled the forecasts by making a spectacular series of quarters. Double blow of morale for the Gran Canaria, since both Néstor García and Vicente Romero, first and second in the ranking respectively, did not pass this round.

But the semifinals would dictate sentence to name the new champion of the FESurfing league. Díaz could not with the power of the Basques Vitoria (10.80) and Amatriain (11.75) and saw his options vanish. With the elimination of the islander, Néstor García mathematically became the champion of the National Circuit of the FESurfing 2020 league.

Jensen ends the Basque hegemony

The big news of the semifinals was the classification of Lenni Jensen from Tenerife after achieving the highest score of the whole day, 14.85. The El Médano rider delighted the judges and participants with two spectacular maneuvers that catapulted him into the final round, where the Basques Amatriain, Vitoria and Criere, the previous winner of this test, were waiting.

A final that provided a brilliant level. Twenty five minutes of show in which the waters of La Cícer gave their best to close the championship at the top. Finally, and after making it very difficult for the judging team, Jensen’s stunts ended up being the best valued with 14.75 points. Thus, he became the winner of the OPEN LPA Surf City 2020.

Test and championship for Ochoa in the last minute

The girls were in charge of giving excitement to this last round of the Iberdrola league, also giving an example of sportsmanship in the waters of La Cícer. Many names on the table with chances to win the championship and a level worthy of the best surfing in the country under a bright sun in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The Basque surfers once again shone with their own light in the quarter-final heats, which they led from start to finish. In the semifinals, the canaries Boldini, Coviella Y Suarez they offered authentic moments of magic that kept them very close to accessing the eliminatory for the title. Great image offered by the local riders.

As it happened with the boys, Euskadi He placed three representatives (Erostarbe, Ochoa and Sánchez), to which the Asturian Lucía Martiño would join. When everything seemed that the final and the title would be for Erostarbe, Ariane Ochoa appeared with a last spectacular wave that the judges valued as the best of the final. The last wave of the last test made Bilbao the champion of the OPEN LPA Surf City 2020 and the Iberdrola league.

The Councilor for Sports of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Francisco Castellano, present during the day, defined the event as “a great success, both in terms of participation and waves. Never have so many people come from the peninsula. We have made Gran Canaria a national benchmark “. From the organization, the director of the OPEN LPA Surf City Sergio San Román highlighted the “union of efforts to get this forward despite the difficulties”, while for Lourenço Chaves de Almeida, FES Sports Vice President, “the commitment of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as the closing of the Circuit will remain in the future “.


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