Lemos makes justice and UD flies to the lead

Lemos, hugged after scoring the goal that opened the can. / cover

The Galician leads the way with a good goal that places Las Palmas as leader of the Second Division in Jonathan Viera's return

KEVIN FONTECHA The Gran Canarian palms

It seems that
all roads lead to happiness at UD Las Palmas. Moments of good football, a manual of suffering and the art of survival on the wire. With that, it was enough for the yellow squad to become the leader and thus sleep at the top of the qualifying table.
A solitary goal from a Lemos in rebellion (1-0) marked the way. He has gone 16 consecutive days in the regular league without defeat.

Clash of substance and party of those who make a team and fans. He danced on the edge of the Las Palmas cliff without showing any vertigo when Leganés besieged the clock.
Valles leaves another clean sheet and there are already four. This UD grows from defensive muscle and solidity. Enzo delivered a recital, Eric threw the bolt back and Marc emptied himself upstairs. Las Palmas is serious and is already earning everyone's respect.

Las Palmas has made the hammer, justice. Always thirsty, with fangs ready to
bite whoever gets in his way, those of Pimienta are a competitive machine. Little does the UD need to open the channel to the rival. In fact, in the first one he had, he stabbed Leganés.

A long pass from Eric to
Lemos, who occupied the extreme position in which he developed as a footballer, was only the prelude. The Galician made a control of those that make a difference and danced to Omeruo. In the front already
He did not think about it and launched the whip towards the back of the net. Dani Jiménez caressed her, but the missile already had its destination. He sent the yellow in the 14th minute.

With Viera waiting his turn on the bench, Las Palmas continued to display power in his stride. Mfulu broke lines based on arreones,
Marc hit the visiting defenders and Enzo paused when the pace bordered on madness. The temper of the Frenchman, always looking for Moleiro and Clemente, lowered his pulse. And the islanders began to enjoy weaving high-end football.

Of course, some scare was going to leave the Madrid team. Fede Vico, the most talented of Leganés, stole the card from Sergi Cardona and tried it after driving the ball well. Asu shot the missing address.
valleys roared, I did not want to concede anything back. Y
if there were doubts behind, Eric Curbelo was there to run to dispel them with his courage.

The pepineros took out the machete and cut the yellow game with fouls. They left Enzo with the iron to remember. The yellows rained and before the break Cardona almost sentenced the contest.
Again Alvaro Lemos. He did wonderfully with another thirst check to get past the defender and win the baseline. He put her back and Marc Cardona hunted her over the top on a rebound. He denied it Dani Jiménez with a feline stop.

After the intermission, Leganés pushed with their hearts, while UD tried to come out from behind with the ball dominated.
in 57 Viera jumped onto the grass acclaimed. Moleiro left his place to the captain. The king returned to the throne. With Jony on the field, the visiting respect was notorious. Lemos appeared with more freedom to filter passes and Cardona was also seen more.

The magician from La Feria was placed as a false nine with the entry of Benito Ramírez and Fabio, who replaced Lemos and Clemente. Marc fell to the right wing and there he also left his soul.
Florin Andone debuted in 1982who replaced Cardona, applauded and busted from running so much.

Shortly before the referee had denied a penalty on Viera. It seemed a maximum penalty, but the referee was clear about it.
Benito's nerve at a gallop on the left he was looking for the sentence. In the end, everything was maintained with the blow of Lemos.
Las Palmas takes the lead in another message to navigators.

UD Las Palmas

Alvaro Valles; Álvaro Lemos (Benito, min. 67), Álex Suárez, Sidnei, Eric Curbelo, Sergi Cardona; Mfulu, Loiodice, Óscar Clemente (Fabio, min. 67), Moleiro (Jonathan Viera, min. 58); and Marc Cardona (Andone, min. 83).


Dani Jimenez; Jorge Miramón, Nyom, Jorge Sáenz, Omeruo (Juan Muñoz, min. 75), Naim (Durmisi, min. 46); Fede Vico (Qasmi, min. 81), Undabarrena (Rubén Pardo, min. 72), Gaku Shibasaki (Neyou, min. 72); Jose Arnaiz and Raba.

  • Goal:
    1-0, min. 14: Alvaro Lemos.

  • Referee:
    Adrián Cordero Vega (Cantabria Committee). He showed a yellow card to local players Eric Curbelo, Andone and Sidnei, and to visitors Nyom, Jorge Miramón, José Arnaiz, Jorge Sáenz and Imanol Idiakez (coach).

  • Incidents:
    match of the fifth day of LaLiga SmartBank 2022-2023 played this Friday at the Gran Canaria Stadium with the presence of 19,090 spectators. The kick-off was performed by the CH Molina Sport inline hockey team, recent champion of the Spanish Super Cup.

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