Lemes triumphs in La Oliva and Quintana takes the Provincial – La Provincia

Lemes triumphs in La Oliva and Quintana takes the Provincial - La Provincia

The tandem formed by Yeray Lemes and Jordi Díaz with Mitsubishi Lancer EVO-IX were the winners of XXIX Rally de La Oliva-Fuerteventura. The Lanzarote driver did not give his adversaries any options and with a superb performance dominated the test from start to finish, in which he accumulated a substantial advantage of 59.4 seconds over Nolito García-Tecorice Hernández with EVO-IX. The third position went to Gustavo Sosa-Eduardo González with Ford Fiesta R5.

Juan Carlos Quintana-Yeray Mujica, with his fourth place at 1: 39.9 of the leader, proclaimed provincial champions of Rally on land, a title that the Gran Canaria adds to the already achieved champion of the Canary Islands. In addition, Quintana has another opportunity in the CERT to win the national Mitsubishi EVO Cup, contest that has in its favor in conflict with the Majorero Gustavo Sosa. A triplet that for Quintana would be one of his best seasons when facing several fronts and hit the bullseye.

Lemes-Díaz returned by their fueros to mark a devilish rhythm with which they were elaborating a victory that was unattainable for the rest of the participants. Lemes, who was resisted the victory in the Rally de la Oliva, was gradually increasing his advantage that had started with 4 consecutive scratches that placed him leading with 33.6 seconds on a surprising Daniel Guerra-Sergio Vera (Subaru Impreza), third Nolito Garcia, who gave the position by just 2.7 seconds. Juan Carlos Quintana was fourth at 43.1 seconds, while Gustavo Sosa was seventh at 58.6.

Miguel Rodríguez-Manuel Sosa (EVO-IX), Manuel Gutiérrez-Tino Vega with EVO-VII and Javier Fránquiz-Pepo Batista with Mitsubishi Space Star, added to the struggle for privileged positions when entering into direct conflict with Gustavo Sosa. Later, Fránquiz-Batista had no luck due to a fire attack that knocked them out of the competition.

The Lanzarote would add three more stages to win a brilliant victory. The rest of the other three scratches were two for Gustavo Sosa, in a brilliant final in which he snatched the third place to Juan Carlos Quintana by 3.5 seconds, in the last section of the day. The other scratchs went to Nolito García.

Aníbal Hernández-Pedro Viera with EVO-VI, they finished in fifth place at 2: 34.3, followed by Miguel Rodríguez-Miguel Sosa (EVO-IX), sixth at 2: 48.5. Seventh place went to Manuel Gutiérrez-tino Vega (EVO-VII), 2: 59.7, followed by Tato Suárez-Carlos Ramírez (Ford Escort WRC), 3: 20.8 and Miguel Sosa-Rubén de León (EVO-IX) ), to 4: 47.9.

Javier Sosa-Kiliam Camacho were tenth at 6: 02.8, winners of the Skoda Fabia Cup, monomarca in which they surpassed in 58.9 seconds on Manuel Medina Rubén Pérez, being third Daniel Ascanio-Antonio Fajardo at 2: 27.9. Sosa-Camacho are the new leaders of the trophy in the absence of two tests.


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