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1. Red-hot books

Mercurio Editorial offers the best of its wide catalog

The Mercurio Editorial seal is aimed at discounts and initiatives so that everyone can access the maximum of culture, in their case with reading, in a time of pandemic. The publisher, with a wide catalog of titles ranging from novels to poetry to history or scientific research, presents an online shopping offer per block that is difficult to resist. The promotion was launched since yesterday through its website www.mercurioeditorial, where the catalog that appears within the so-called Flat Rate appears. Creativity at a time when culture is red hot.

2. You put the popcorn

A walk to life or death through the bad streets of hate and fury: Les miserables

Stéphane is a provincial policeman who comes to Paris to work in the suburb who lived in 2005 with days of rampant violence and who now live in apparent calm. The setting where Victor Hugo wrote Les Misérables is more or less pacified under the control of leaders of all kinds with whom the police have a diplomatic relationship: you give me, I give you. Or I look the other way. The newly arrived police
You will soon learn the complex rules of the game. Hard cinema.

3. Can you tell me in series?

Chissss, don't tell anyone: 'The Mandalorian' is here: The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian, the Disney + series that rescues the spirit of the galactic saga and lands the best television character of the year, Baby Yoda, lands in open air. The landing of Disney + is scheduled for today, but as a preview the first chapter could be seen last Friday with great audience success. A scarce half hour that will leave Star Wars fans with honey on their lips. A bounty hunter (Pedro Pascal) from the planet Mandalore enters a bar with a strange clientele. Western airs for an ambitious production of more than 100 million dollars invested in eight chapters.

4. Great little reader

Welcome to the realm of fantasy in its purest form: Narnia awaits you: 'The Chronicles of Narnia' by C. S. Lewis

The prodigious imagination and exquisite narrative style of the great CS Lewis have made his Chronicles of Narnia a wonderful read for several generations since they came to light in 1950. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is the best-known title in the series and It can be obtained for free thanks to Planeta's initiative to open access to some of its most successful works. Let us remember: during World War II, four children are sent out of London, to the house of an old teacher, where there is a room with an old closet.

5. Bullets of good harvest

Alfonso Zapico's talent overflows in 'The Ballad of the North': The Ballad of the North

This opportunity cannot be missed: download free The Ballad of the North, the great work of Alfonso Zapico. By the way, last Friday, the author was live through the Astiberri publisher's Instagram account and readers were able to send him questions (https://www.instagram.com/astiberri_ediciones). National Comic Award 2012 with Dublinés, Zapico recreates troubled times of great inequalities, with the Revolution of '34 that shook Spain as a backdrop.

6. We seek advice

From 'Memories of Hadrian' to Captain Thunder, and don't miss 'Cheers' !: A short view

María Teresa Álvarez, author, among other successful works, of 'La hija de la indiana', transmits several leisure tips for these days of confinement forced to combine or divide. There they go:

-A book: 'Memories of Hadrian', by Marguerite Yourcenar.

- Reading for children: Captain Thunder, with Crispin, Goliath and his girlfriend Sigrid, I think it will not be bad.

- A TV series: Cheers, even if it sounds old.

- A movie: The concert.

- Music: Puccini: Nessum dorma, from Turandot, Y E lucevan le stelle, from Tosca. Both by Luciano Pavarotti.

7. How small is the cinema!

The day Woody and Buzz Lightyear met and became colleagues: 'Toy Story'

It seems like yesterday and it's been 25 years since Toy Story came into our lives. Today, several sequels later, the first installment still has a very special charm. We know history by heart. Andy's toys are afraid that a new birthday gift will replace them in their owner's preferences. Woody, the cowboy who has been Andy's favorite so far, tries to calm them down until Buzz Lightyear, a space hero who has all kinds of technological advances, comes on the scene. And Woody is no longer the favorite. The rivalry is served, although for a short time because the circumstances will end up making great colleagues ...

8. Let's turn the page

A novel that can change your life shortly after you neglect yourself: 'Normal people', by Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney showed plenty of talent in the wonderful Conversations between friends. Now demonstrate it again with normal People. The critical success is accompanied by sales, with more than 400,000 copies sold in six months in the United Kingdom. Marianne and Connell are high school classmates. Different and distant. He is one of the popular and she is a lonely girl away from others. Marianne lives in a mansion and Connell's mother is in charge of cleaning it. One day, unexpectedly, a conversation will foster a relationship that could change their lives. One of those novels that make you think. And think. Y...


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