July 29, 2021

Leire Martínez: “In ‘Sirenas’ a mother explains to her daughter what she lived with ETA, but without falling into hatred”

They have recently presented Sirens. The song narrates a conversation between a mother and her daughter about an ETA murder in San Sebastián. It is one of the most special and weighty songs on the album. Explain the content of this new song to me.

Composing the album, we realized that we no longer heard those sirens that were the prelude that something bad had happened. In addition, we are parents of the first generation of children who have grown up without ETA terrorism. In this song, a mother explains to her daughter what she experienced, but without falling into hatred or rancor. He tells him how they happened.

What else is contained in the album A whisper in the storm released last September that stands out?

It is possibly the most personal album of all. In which we have most undressed. There are 11 stories that have happened to us or we have lived very closely and we wanted to share them. We measure the history of the group by its records, because each record is like a photograph of an era.

«’A whisper in the storm’ is our most personal album, in which we have undressed»


What kind of music does the album include?

In terms of music, we wanted the album to have a classic group sound playing. Obviously, trying to make it sound in the best possible way and with a lot of power. Giving great importance to the sounds of guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and voice. Sometimes supported by an electronic element, but less than other times. The contribution of the producer, Paco Salazar, has been fundamental. It has taken the songs to places that we did not imagine.

What are you going to perform at the concert in Gran Canaria? The new album? Classic themes?

It will be a concert with themes from the new album, but of course we will also play songs from all our albums. We know that people also like to listen to songs they know to sing. They are very entertaining concerts and people are delighted. The protagonists as always, will be the songs and the five of us defending them to the death on stage.

How has the pandemic affected you? Have they drawn something positive? Has it helped you to focus on composing?

Like most people. The pandemic has been a horror for everyone. Fortunately, none of us have been touched by anything serious up close. Regarding work, we had to delay the tour for a year, with what that means, especially for the technicians who come with us. We have taken the opportunity to be more with the family and continue to improve musically. We want to take the opportunity to send a big hug to all the people who have suffered with this horrible virus and also to all the health personnel who are getting us out of it.

How is the group turning out after the singer change in 2007?

The change happened more naturally than we think. We saw that in music, the protagonists are the songs. In addition, Leire joined the group from the first moment and it was all very easy. People also took on the change very quickly and were very welcoming to Leire. Today, after 14 years, we are happy.

«The group is above individualities; we respect and admire each other »


How successful is your projection on the networks? Do they have a lot of followers?

The networks are personally run by us. It is a fundamental tool to be in permanent contact with the people who follow us. You can count things at any time, without waiting for a press conference. Fortunately, we have a huge following. Especially on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

They will take this tour to Latin America and the United States… What is the reception of your music in those countries?

This November we will tour the entire United States and next year, if the pandemic allows us, we will go to Mexico and Latin America. We are always received in an incredible way in all the countries of America. We feel very loved and respected. Some privileged ones, because taking into account the amount of good music they have there, they still have a place for a group like us.

Tell me about the evolution of the band in recent years …

Evolution is, above all, musical. Every album we try to improve and improve ourselves. Each one in his instrument and of course in the compositions. Every time we put the magnifying glass on the songs. We are very afraid of repeating ourselves on the one hand and not being ourselves on the other. Regarding the philosophy of the group, we have maintained the same from the beginning. The group is above individualities. We respect and admire each other and all decisions are agreed between the five of us.

«In the album we have given importance to the sounds of guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and voice»


What projects are you currently working on?

We are currently on the Un Whisper in the Storm tour, which already seems to be finally starting. We are really looking forward to it. This summer we will travel throughout Spain, including of course Gran Canaria. We are looking forward to visiting you again and offering you the best possible concert. In November we will go to the US and next year we will continue touring Spain and Latin America.


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