April 11, 2021

Legarda, the singer dies in Colombia

Legarda, the singer dies in Colombia

On February 7, the singer and youtuber Legarda died during a shootout in Medellín, Colombia. His death surprised his followers, his funeral became a multitudinous act and through the networks ran labels of the type #justiciaparalegarda. It has always been said that an early demise means the coronation of any musician. The way to turn your existence into an eternal legend. But in this case has been mobilized many people who consult their videos on YouTube and now claims to clarify the events surrounding his crime. Apparently he was driving down a street, inside his white car when a shooting broke out. One of the bullets hit his body (exactly in the head) and, despite the efforts of the clinical authorities to save his life, the truth is that he had admitted with a severe prognosis and could not avoid the worst of the outcomes.

It seems that everything was the result of a robbery and the resistance of the victim, who tried to defend himself. Some people assaulted a man who was walking down the street by surprise. He worked as an employee in a security company and, apparently, did not hesitate to defend himself against the attack. This struggle resulted in an exchange of shots with the fateful balance that one of the bullets went to the body of the singer.

Legarda, who was born in 1989 in Popayán, had the opportunity to move to the United States at a young age. There he awoke his musical vocation and immediately decided to compose songs. He soon became a reference reggaeton singer, with a great preaching among young people, who these days do not stop paying a tribute by putting their songs and clicking their videos on YouTube.


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