Legarda dies from a stray bullet, Colombian reggaeton and 'youtuber' singer | Culture

Legarda dies from a stray bullet, Colombian reggaeton and 'youtuber' singer | Culture

The Colombian singer of reggaeton Fabio Legarda, 29, died yesterday when he was hit by a stray bullet during a shootout in an attempted robbery that took place in Medellin, official sources said. The León XIII Clinic confirmed in a statement that the artist was admitted with a "wound by a firearm on a frontally transfixing skull", for which he received "a diagnosis of very severe brain damage" after being checked by the doctors. He entered cardiorespiratory arrest (…) The health personnel performed resuscitation maneuvers for 20 minutes, but he died. "

Fabio Andrés Legarda began singing at age 14 at Latino festivals and went from recording versions of songs in your Youtube channel to sign with a record house. The security secretary of Medellin, Andrés Tobón, revealed that Legarda was traveling in a vehicle when an attempted robbery occurred to a citizen who is part of a security company. The man "had his manning weapon with him and responded to the criminals who wanted to commit the theft," the official added.

One of the alleged assailants died on the spot, while another was injured and was captured by the police. "We are really tired in Medellin of this absurd violence," Tobón said.

Legarda, interpreter of The truth, his first single, collaborated with several artists of the urban genre and made successes such as Free, I need your love, Bad is and Hypnotized. The artist gained recognition in Colombia with its appearance in the reality show MasterChef Celebrity, in which he started a relationship with the Colombian youtuber Luisa Fernanda W.

The death of Legarda was lamented by other artists such as the Colombian singer-songwriter Fonseca who said on Twitter: "It hurts to know that in a country the bullets are still lost and lives are on the way, this is not fair Legarda, neither with you nor with anyone" .


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