October 22, 2020

Legans go down to Second after drawing against Real Madrid – La Provincia

He CD Leganes lost the category this Sunday on the last day of The league Santander 2019/20, which forced him to risk the permanence against the champion, a Real Madrid that at times imposed its quality, but that ended up cornered by the cucumber delivery.

The accounts of the miracle of Javier Aguirre failed by seconds or centimeters, which could change the final 2-2, in the many local arrivals. Those from the south of the capital turned over, with two very clear occasions from Avilés, and even asked a penalty by Jovic’s hand that the VAR did not request check the collegiate.

The Leganés, who achieved his historic first promotion to the elite in June 2016, was forced to win and that RC Celta did not win to Espanyol in Barcelona. The Galician team failed (0-0) but the own duty seemed already of a very complicated level to remove in the ‘Lega’. Faith to the end made Assalé draw 10 minutes from the end and the miracle in Butarque was close.

The work of the blue and white team it was not enough against a Madrid that penalized every carelessness of the rival. After five minutes Valverde warned, with a hard shot, and in the 10 ‘, a foul put by Isco found only Sergio Ramos, more lethal than ever, with his twelfth league goal, the sixth since the restart.

The ‘Lega’ had earned the right to have the option of the epic, to save a bad season but with a more than worthy ending. The cucumber team battled against a champion Real Madrid, full of figures, not so used by Zidane and therefore fresh.

The Leganés images – Real Madrid

Valverde, Asensio and Isco formed in a very offensive eleven of the brand new League champion. The options of a Leganés with a serious goal problem came from a pure and simple urgency. Recio and Ruibal pushed the locals and the arrivals passed through the overflow of Bryan Gil along with Silva on the left wing. The player on loan from Sevilla managed the tie before the break (1-1).

At that moment, Embarba against Celta was marking the same moment, but soon after came the extension of the news that the VAR had canceled it. That draw for Lega was still a good result, provided that Aguirre’s men beat the champion. For this reason, the Mexican coach threw Oscar, the best player on the team, but out of the last games amid rumors of his departure.

Second, for very little

The player on loan from Madrid did not have time to touch the ball when Leganés gave a bad start that Isco converted into a goal pass to Asensio (1-2). Again the punishment of the champion, a team that already had just a few drops of life to squeeze. Those were those of Óscar, shots that Areola stopped, like another by Assalé.

Zidane ended up giving half an hour to less regulars, less real danger for a Leganés who continued to depend on himself, with Celta unable to win at Cornellá. Aviles was Aguirre’s last letter and the youth squad had them at pleasure. Óscar, called to be a hero of this team, also pardoned the last one already in 96, in a local against six against three. With honors the Lega de Primera leaves.

Celta remain in First

He Celtic will remain in the First Division after a goalless draw at RCDE Stadium against Spanish, in a match in which the visiting team has hardly played football.

The Galicians created danger after five minutes with a direct foul, although Aspas sent her to the barrier. Beyond this action, neither team added excitement to the game in the opening stages. Espanyol, meanwhile, reached the rival area, but without danger in the final meters.

A double chance of Marc Roca and Wu Lei, with little danger, it was the most remarkable thing for the Blue and Whites. Goalkeeper Iván Villa was able to dispel the problems easily. The host squeezed and gained presence in the rival area, although he never realized his aspirations on the scoreboard.

Embarba could do it, before the break, but his goal was canceled by the referee after consulting with the VAR. Celta breathed relieved, although his performance at the RCDE Stadium was below expectations in a team that played the permanence in the First division.

In the restart, the Galician side came out with one more march, although it soon bet on holding the result and not taking risks. Espanyol grew and Vargas’ entry energized the home game. The Argentine scared Iván Villar, but his shot was too wide.

He Celta’s first shot between the three poles came in the 70th minute from the hand of Sisto. Little by little, the visiting team, pending the score of Leganés-Real Madrid, tried to accelerate. In the 77th minute, the bright in Butarque showed a draw to two. A victory for Leganés sent Celta to Segunda.

The Galicians were frozen, perhaps more aware of the rest of the day than of their own meeting. The Catalans even sent, in the discount, a lash to the crossbar of Víctor Sánchez. Aspas also had an opportunity ‘in extremis’ to get ahead just after, but the zero tie did not move.


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